Kindle Bringing Reading Back


At least, it has for me. So convenient. Such a dream come true–any book I want to read is at my fingertips and delivered in less than a minute. I’ve probably read more books in the last month than I have in the year before that. And that’s a really satisfying thing. Anyway, you should […]

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Material Girl: Writers and Readers


It’s been a while since I’ve done Material Girl post, so I thought I’d do one huge super post full of etsy goodness. For the writer who reads (duh): Both by: TillyBloom I picked this one because I freaking LOVED Nancy Drew growing up and I have many cherished memories of going to the library […]

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I Read Banned Books

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Ask me how much I love this necklace.  Yeah, it’s a little clunky, but if you’re a dedicated reader and you agree that censorship is a dirty whore, it makes quite a statement. I Read Banned Books Necklace.

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Flashlight Worthy Books


Love the name. I remember being a child/teen and being so absorbed in stories, so carried away by them. They were crucial to my existence. And, once or twice, I did read by flashlight. Hell, I’m still a sucker for a booklight. Every freaking time. So, there’s a site.  Flashlight Worthy Books.  And it has […]

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Is Your Writing Too Hot For Your Computer?


Today’s pick was kind of a no-brainer since I recently got one of these.  First it started with the red spots on my leg when the fan blew the hot air out the side.  Then the laptop started shutting off from overheating.  Which, in theory, great feature.  I don’t want to do permanent damage to […]

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Too-Cute Book Plates

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Material Girl Monday…on Tuesday?  Hey, get over it.  It’s not like Santa forgot Christmas or something.  ANYWAY, going on the all writers are readers theory (I totally just made that a tag), which I have invoked several times, I believe, I found these adorable custom name stamps while looking for book plates on etsy.  Also, […]

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How to Look Professional AND Cool


That’s right.  For real, this time.  The sabbatical is over, my soul has been searched, I found myself just past that fork in the road, and I am here again! Okay, so, Mondays = Material Girl. Today’s offering, for you, my beloved writers and readers of writers: OMFG File Tote— The best part is that […]

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Guess What I Found?

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Cafepress gifts for writers! I can’t decide which is my favorite, but it’s a toss up between I’m a famous writer (which I’m so not!) and The Voices In My Head Tell Me What to Write (which is so true!).

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Giving In to “The Man”

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I give up.  I can’t fight this feeling anymore.  I want a kindle! You can pick out a book and buy it, for a lesser price, in minutes.  You can take it anywhere.  Imagine how easily this baby would fit in your purse.  If I had a kindle, I’d never go anywhere without it.  It’d […]

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Thumb Storage


Thumb drive, flash drive, jump drive… they have lots of names but what they do is save your life in the case of a computer catastrophe.  I once lost 150 pages when my hard drive crashed.  That’s when I bought mine.  So, here’s an adorable one.  You don’t have to have a cute one, I […]

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