The following is from a posting on my FB page. We all get the jokes (that aren’t actually funny) but, honestly, I’ve never much trusted people who don’t love reading. There’s something fundamentally missing. Article Source: Add your voice here or on my FB page @ More →

The following is from a posting on my FB page. So much cuteness in this link, I can’t even breathe. The adorableness sucked all the air right out of the room. Article Source: Add your voice on my FB page @ More →

I think this may be the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. I have a no consumables rule for the bathroom. Not a coke with a lid, not a cup of coffee–nothing that will later touch my lips is entering the bathroom. Am I OCD about this or is everyone this way? Source: Follow me on Facebook at More →

If you’re under 18 or easily offended, you absolutely should not check out this site; otherwise, go there and see for yourself.

I go there to get inspiration when I need to write sexy scenes. Every image, to me, tells a story. It evokes a feeling. Every quote speaks truthfully. And, I love it.Read More →

A really awesome Paranormal TV show hosted by an even awesomer Landra Graf; a dollhouse that would make Stephen King cry; and badness. Just… movie remake badness.Read More →

I am running so late with these, you guys!  I have to be at work in a little over an hour, so I’m just throwing them up here. Look.  Laugh.  Appreciate the seriousness.  Take some blame.  Learn to share with your sister, damn it. The 15 Funniest Autocorrects from July by This just makes me laugh until I scare people. An example: |Expletive| Cancer by (via the fabulous Jen Lawson): Cancer sucks.  And more things you didn’t know about it.  But you should. Au Revoir, Borders by Rachelle Gardner:  She basically takes all the blame for the Borders closings.  But, then, it’s my fault, too.Read More →

Bringing the visual and video funny and two useful and frugal articles. Comic Flowchart on How To Deal With Internet Arguments by Scott Beale (via Sonya Thomas and Lory Manrique-Hyland): A flow chart. So, if you do engage in the insanity of arguing online, you know what comes next. If Male Superheroes Posed Like Wonder Woman submitted by Rich Johnston on Bleeding Cool (via Jezebel and Mardou Ledger): Hilarious drawings of male superheroes, obviously, posed in the I’m-so-sexy-I’m-dangerous pose of Wonder Woman. Book Trailer for The Highlander Trilogy by Maya Banks made by Tessa Dare (via Gina Bernal): Okay, here’s the story. Maya Banks (website) bidRead More →

I’m fairly certain this comes from the site  It’s gone viral and tracking down the original is difficult.  The above seems to be from the etsy store where you can buy this on stationary.  Whew. All that just to point you to M.E. Summer‘s blog, Sticking to the Story, where she makes me have happy grammar dreams by telling us how to properly use things like serial commas (you MUST–my opinion, not hers) and other goodness. Also, I’m not at all calling her a grammar slut in any way.  Unless she likes that sort of thing.Read More →

I already have a post set to go live tomorrow, but I couldn’t NOT post this newest link licker find.  Well, it’s not so much a find, as I’ve known Carole for years and she really is this amusing (as well as kind and wise) all of the time. I’m including her latest post below the fold, but I deeply urge you to go to her site and read the rest of her offerings.  She’s truly brilliant.Read More →

The Wit & Pendulum is brilliant.  You can follow on twitter @pitandpendulum.  Read below for the most recent blog post.Read More →