Friday Mashup 08.26.2011

I am running so late with these, you guys!  I have to be at work in a little over an hour, so I’m just throwing them up here.

Look.  Laugh.  Appreciate the seriousness.  Take some blame.  Learn to share with your sister, damn it.

  • |Expletive| Cancer by (via the fabulous Jen Lawson): Cancer sucks.  And more things you didn’t know about it.  But you should.
  • Au Revoir, Borders by Rachelle Gardner:  She basically takes all the blame for the Borders closings.  But, then, it’s my fault, too.  And it’s probably yours, too.  In the end, perhaps we should be less self-gratifying and more thoughtful about the things (and places) we love.
  • The Ring* on The Bettyverse by Nan Reinhardt: A lovely story about family and sisters and sacrifice.  And jewelry.

All five of us kids were more excited about Mom’s gift than we were about our own, and when she opened the ring, her expression of pure joy was the best gift of all. From that night, the beautiful little bauble never left her finger. She loved when people admired it, so she could tell them, “Four lindy star sapphires for my four September kids and one pearl for my June girl.” We’d scored! It was exactly what she’d wanted.

When mom died and it came time to split up her jewelry, that ring was a tough call— all three of us sisters wanted it. We considered drawing straws but instead we compromised and decided to share Mom’s ring. We’d each wear it for a year at time—a deal Mom would’ve heartily approved. So every October, we do the ring exchange and part of the fun is the ceremony involved. Wine, a toast to our mother, and then the ring goes to its new owner for another year. This year it’s my turn—I can’t wait for October!

*EDIT 08.29.2011: They’re rolling out a new ‘verse at The Bettyverse so… we’ll have to wait and see if that post comes back.


EDIT 10.25.2011: This link post apparently never made it over to the new site. But, I’m leaving it here, with the blurb, because it was good. 

When available, the author link goes to their Twitter page.  If I tell you who linked me to the article, it’s so you can follow those clever people on twitter.  Because I love twitter.  And you should, too.

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