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Lori Sizemore grew up in the mountains of West Virginia and never quite managed to escape them. Lori lives at home with her husband of twenty-plus years and two of her three daughters. She also lives with two dogs, a cat, and five hermit crabs. Yes, five of them. This menagerie and her family keep her busy. She worked in mental health as a social worker for ten years before making the choice to write full-time.

You can find me online everywhere, but especially in these places:

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Want to know more? Read the fun facts below.

  • Lori’s idea of paradise is a hot cup of coffee and her Kindle, all loaded up and full of reading goodness.
  • She collects coffee mugs. Her newest was a gift from her aunt and it’s a Breakfast at Tiffany’s mug. Coffee + Audrey Hepburn = Heaven on Earth.
  • She loves writing. If she had never published a book, she would still have loved writing. After publishing a book, she’ll be one happy chick. But the important part will still be the love. She thinks that may be true of everything ever.