The Saga of Susan and Michael

by Lori, @lorisizemore on 04.24.2015

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sueandmikeMy youngest kid has an active imagination. And she’s more often than not got a quippy comeback for everything. Every. Thing.

So, allow me to introduce her lizard/dolphin family (The dolphins are the adoptive parents of Susan and Brenda). What’s amusing to me is that this isn’t a one time thing. They have been Susan, Michael, and Brenda and they have been fruitful and multiplied (except Brenda).

Without further ado, overheard in my house…

Me: I found that lizard, the purple one, in the mess we call ‘your closet.’
P: Susan! That’s great, because these [lizards she bought today] are her babies. Now I just have to find Michael.
Me: I can’t believe you just threw Susan and Michael in the mess we call ‘your closet’ like that.
P: Well, they were planning to take a vacation.
Me: Apparently to Trashville, Indiana (I don’t know why Indiana, guys. Seriously, Indiana is lovely.)
P: Yeah. Hope we can find Michael. He’s got all these kids now, and he got lost on his way to the gift shop.

Later that day…

P: I found Michael. He brought back mugs and t-shirts that say ‘I heart Trashville, Indiana.”


As you can see from the pic, we found everyone, including Brenda, who ran off to Lost Vegas with the Incredible Lizarus. No lie, y’all.



DAfRN: House of Cards (Novel)

by Lori, @lorisizemore on 04.17.2015

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dating advice HOC3I mentioned last week that I’m reading the trilogy that inspired House of Cards (also the name of the first book). I have since finished and thought I’d throw down some rules.

Dating Advice from Romance Novels: House of Cards

  1. Don’t get crushes on married men. You may* not die, but you’ll definitely get hurt.
  2. How many times do I have to say it? Go for the nice guy!
  3. There’s this thing called age-appropriateness. No rule is true in every case, but if someone was pushing four decades when you were born, it’s got to make you wonder what you have in common. For example, my husband and I both grew up in the 80s. So when we run out of things to talk about, we can always rehash old Dukes of Hazard and A-Team episodes.
  4. It’s okay to not want romance. Empowering even, maybe. But don’t lie to yourself. 
  5. Don’t let your libido prevent you from seeing that he’s a sociopath.


*Spoiler Alert: You’ll totally die.

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Specifically, four years and four months older, which was the average “ideal” age gap as reported by a survey of 2,000 adults.


House of Cards & Anti-heroes


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DAfRN: Party Girl

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Master Tool for Learning Story Structure

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This Isn’t Really a Blog Post


Because I’m over at Heart-Shaped Glasses this week. Complaining. Again. Print Friendly

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5 Things: People Who Read Are Sick of Hearing

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In Which I Freak Out a Cashier

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5 Things: You Didn’t Know About Me

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DAfRN: Heroes Are My Weakness

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