Writing Fodder: Thanksgiving with the Family

by Lori, @lorisizemore on 11.28.2014

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Note: This was written yesterday. Hope your holiday, if you celebrated one, was fabulous.

I have been with my family for about 45 minutes. I have had wine, Cheetos, and coffee– my basic coping mechanisms. I adore my family. If I didn’t like them, I could avoid this altogether!

It got me thinking, though. Families are complex. I love them and I want to smack myself in the face with the turkey roaster lid. I’m including someecards below to show you how common these feelings can be.

As a writer, these days can be pure gold in research. How does it feel? What do people say to each other instead of, “I don’t care to see any more pics of your dog? or “Mom may have had a little too much pink moscato.” Take note, and include it in your novel’s next family scene.


A Different Kind of Gift

by Lori, @lorisizemore on 11.24.2014

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IRCI’m using my post this week to complain about the horrid commercialism of the holidays. No, no. It’s to celebrate finishing up my shopping and doing it all online because, damn, people are rude in stores this time of year.

Now that I’ve got my bah, humbug out of the way, I’ll get to my real point. I’m suggesting the best kind of gift we can give, if we’re fortunate enough to be able to do so. I’m not going to lie and say my kids didn’t get gifts for themselves–oh, yeah. I’m awesome at Christmas gifts, by the way.

But, I don’t like to miss an opportunity to truly give. Last year, my youngest daughter seemed a bit too caught up in the “I want it all, I want it now” attitude one sees in kids at Christmas. Especially children who have never known what it’s like to not have an obscene amount of stuff. (Don’t blame me–the grandparents are rabid about gifting.) So, she spent a weekend volunteering with us to clean used toys for underprivileged children.

And, let me tell you, that lesson stuck. She has spent the weekend cleaning out her toys, of her own volition, to donate this year. So, if you’re children are lucky enough, like mine, to enjoy bountiful holiday gifts, consider purchasing one of these gifts from IRC. The organization receives an A+ from charitywatch.org, so the gift gets to where it’s intended. You get a card to give the recipient and you both know someone’s life is better.

Either way, whatever you celebrate, I hope you have a happy, fulfilling holiday.


Rightness Reinforcement

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Me, to my husband: Remember when the cat kept peeing on the bed and I looked it up online? And I told you she was stress-peeing? You laughed at me, but we switched her to wet food, and I mixed it with water, and that totally did fix it? Him: Yeah…? Me: Good times, good […]

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Why I Don’t Finish All the Books

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But, as life got busy, and I spent my time raising kids and working to earn my book money, I realized time also had value. Quite a lot of value, actually. And, then, one day I gave myself permission to quit books. I read avidly. I love reading. And life is too short to not enjoy every word I consume.

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Essential Reading for Writers

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I’ve been writing – not reading much – for the last week, which is both awesome and awful (because I got the new Anne Rice Prince Lestat book AND Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ Heroes Are My Weakness). Unfortunately, this means no Dating Advice from Romance Novels. Instead, I decided to write about writing. When I first […]

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4 Things To Do Instead of Writing


It’s that time of year again, when all of your writer friends start asking about your daily word count and offering up encouraging motivational quotes. Basically, everyone is writing but you. Well, and me. If you’re as determined as I am to not write (like that’s a necessary part of being a writer–whatever), here are […]

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In My House: Good vs. Well

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P: Mom, you know that picture I drew, that’s on the front of my folder? Me: Uh-huh P: Well, this girl walked by me and she asked who drew it. I told her I did and she said, ‘You draw very well.’ Me: She said well? P: Yeah. She said I draw very well. Me: […]

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LY: Happiness & Responsibility

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Happiness, joy, life; all are things I’ve spent most of my time on this planet thinking about and working at. I’ve learned a bit, like the key to true happiness is personal responsibility. If someone else can make you happy, someone else can make you miserable. But if you make yourself happy, no one can take that away but you.

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My Take on Halloween

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Happy Halloween!   Print Friendly

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DAfRN: Halloween Edition

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It also, for me, was a love story at its very core. Because Jake meets Sadie. And she’s fragile (because of one whackadoo ex and parents who are very victim-blamey), very tall, and smart. Actually, I think I may kind of love her. Anyway, in honor of Halloween, horror, and a writer I love… Dating Advice from Romance Novels: 11/22/63

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