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I Sort of Suck

by Lori, @lorisizemore on 12.21.2015

in I'm kind of a big deal. not really.

Please forgive me for being absent this month–I promise I had a really good reason. I had surgery on December 5th.

I’d prefer not to go into detail about it, but let’s leave it at “major surgery” with a significant recovery time. I’m feeling much better and I experienced no major complications, so I should be tweeting and writing again post-haste.




DAfRN: Hollywood Dirt

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I recently decided to jump on the bandwagon and read Hollywood Dirt. I couldn’t put it down until it was all gone. Plus, can you say, “Hot, hot, hot?” The heroine is just a normal girl from the South, so I thought dating advice would be totally helpful from this book (even if the hero […]

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October 2015: Digging Right Now

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It’s a brand new month! Well, it’s the end of a brand new month, but I have new faves this month, all the same. (I  misspelled that bran both times, as if I’m feeling irregular or something.) I finished my second 1950s novella and I’m plotting my third (and final) one to hopefully pound out during NaNoWriMo. There’s […]

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In My House: Jazz Hands and Math

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Actual thing I just had to say: Don’t do wild jazz hands while your sister is trying to do math. Math and jazz hands do NOT go together.

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Ink Diva Diaries Turns 8!

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In honor of my blog turning eight, eight!, I am sharing my very first post this week. ink diva? yes, i am. I know, ink diva sounds a pit pretentious. But, I think we should all be divas, at least in our own minds. So monumentally great at whatever we’re passionate about, we reserve the right […]

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September 2015: Digging Right Now

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I am sure you’ve noticed my absence the last few weeks (big hole in your life, right?). I have come to a point recently where I have to prioritize. I can (and do) write every day. Unfortunately, I started writing blog posts before doing my WIP writing. Obviously, that’s defeating the purpose. I enjoy this […]

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DAfRN: If the Shoe Fits

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I am reading all the Megan Mulry books I can get my hands on (like I do when I discover a new-to-me fave author).  Without further ado, some guidance at looooove. Dating Advice from Romance Novels: If the Shoe Fits Save your v-card for just the right opportunity, then toss it aside for a fling, […]

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August 2015: Digging Right Now

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You can find my all-time, truly favorite things in my About Me section (if you care). I thought instead I’d share some items I’m very much enjoying at this point in my life. My table-top coffee warmer. Sure, in this age I can go make another cup from the Keurig, but wastefulness really drives me […]

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My Process: Plotting on Crack, Part 1

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When I first started writing, I wanted someone to tell me how to go about the process of doing so. Turns out, those posts are fairly rare because process is as personal as fingerprints. Nonetheless, I’m going to begin sharing mine with you.

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