Guess who cut off a whoa-damn lot of hair?

by Lori Sizemore on 10.22.2014

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Hint: It was not the lady in the unfortunate pants.


I’ve been struggling to come out of this block I’ve had for the last couple of weeks with my story. I’ve tried writing articles, bought myself a new padfolio from, and whined to my crit partner. A lot.

When that didn’t help, I thought I’d look for some moving quote or bit of advice. I found this.

Well. That was rather uninspiring. I do own this now, though, and that consolation can’t be measured.





Highlander Hotness and a Giveaway!

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Today, I’m interviewing Landra Graf, whose new historical erotica, With This Kilt, I Thee Bed, hit e-shelves everywhere this week. As I mentioned when I hosted her cover reveal, I love Landra’s stories because she can take unexpected protagonists or situations and make them into great stories. I was excited to share more about her […]

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DAfRN: Never Marry a Viscount

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This week, I finished the final book in the Scandal at the House of Russell trilogy by Anne Stuart. This series is my first from Ms. Stuart. I first read her in The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes, co-written with Jennifer Crusie and Eileen Dreyer. I enjoyed it quite a bit and put her on my TBR list. […]

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The One with Volcanic Ash

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Me: It smells like smoke or something. Something burning? Husband: I smell it. Check the stove. Me: Never mind. It’s just from me making volcanic ash last night. Husband nods. Not one question.       Tweet: “The One with Volcanic Ash” @lorisizemore Print Friendly

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DAfRN: Sweet Nothings

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So, I was thinking in the car today about what sort of advice I’m totally NOT qualified to give (conclusion: all the advice). However, I then decided, okay, fine… what advice am I really not qualified to give? Dating advice. Oh, so many reasons why. Exhibit A: I’ve been married so long, I’m not entirely […]

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Cover Reveal! “With This Kilt, I Thee Bed”

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I am so excited to share my wonderful critique partner’s upcoming release cover. It’s gorgeous; the stories are great. And I’m going to tell you a secret that I hope the world realizes very soon: Landra writes unique stories. Oh, that sounds so unimportant, but listen… she can take characters and situations that you wouldn’t expect to see in your typical romance and she writes the hell out of it. I strongly suggest you check her out.

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My Story. In Pictures. On Pinterest.


Notice a whole bunch of Benedict Cumberbatch to the right. Added WIP board from Pinterest. I get inspired every time I see him. So. Much. Yum. Right? My Pinterest Board for the story set in the 1950s that I don’t even know who would possibly publish such a thing Print Friendly

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Breakfast for Dinner

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That’s all I’m saying. Breakfast. For. Dinner. Print Friendly

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Mommy Spellcheck

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P: Mom, how do you spell cheetah? Me: *spells word* And even if you’re 72, you can always ask me how to spell things as long as you’re trying to learn. Because we can’t all be like me, and know how to spell all the words. P: No, we can’t. Me: It’s a superpower, really. […]

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