Basically, I’m Always Right

by Lori, @lorisizemore on 12.19.2014

in in my house

house2Guess who had to buy a hot water heater and spent 24 hours without hot water which, I know, is so first-world-whiny, but it was awful.

Anyway, this happened.

Me: That tank isn’t going to get by that pipe.
Husband: Yes, it will.

Three hours later…

Husband: I had to take out that pipe.

The very. next. day…

Husband: I think the dresser will fit there without any problem.
Me: There’s no way. The bathroom door wouldn’t open.
Husband: It would mostly open. (Whatever that means.)
Me: I don’t think so. Remember the pipe? I don’t think you’re very good at this.

A tape measure later…

Husband: There’s no way that’s going to fit there.

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What Writing Looks Like

by Lori, @lorisizemore on 12.12.2014

in I'm kind of a big deal. not really.

I am so. close. to writing the end on my novella. I have written all the scenes that set up the big bang scenes and the black moment. I’m crazy excited. And busy.

So, I though I’d just share a picture with you about how insane writing can look to outsiders.



Click for a larger look.


Worst. Fortune. Ever.

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Fashion advice. Seriously? Print Friendly

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Just Making Coasters

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So, just so you know how exciting and full my life is, I thought I’d update you. I am about three-fourths of the way through my novella set in the fifties. I’m really excited about it. My heroine is one hot mess and it’s so interesting for me to watch her arc. My friend, Landra, […]

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Writing Fodder: Thanksgiving with the Family


Note: This was written yesterday. Hope your holiday, if you celebrated one, was fabulous. I have been with my family for about 45 minutes. I have had wine, Cheetos, and coffee– my basic coping mechanisms. I adore my family. If I didn’t like them, I could avoid this altogether! It got me thinking, though. Families […]

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A Different Kind of Gift

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I’m using my post this week to complain about the horrid commercialism of the holidays. No, no. It’s to celebrate finishing up my shopping and doing it all online because, damn, people are rude in stores this time of year. Now that I’ve got my bah, humbug out of the way, I’ll get to my […]

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Rightness Reinforcement

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Me, to my husband: Remember when the cat kept peeing on the bed and I looked it up online? And I told you she was stress-peeing? You laughed at me, but we switched her to wet food, and I mixed it with water, and that totally did fix it? Him: Yeah…? Me: Good times, good […]

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Why I Don’t Finish All the Books

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But, as life got busy, and I spent my time raising kids and working to earn my book money, I realized time also had value. Quite a lot of value, actually. And, then, one day I gave myself permission to quit books. I read avidly. I love reading. And life is too short to not enjoy every word I consume.

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Essential Reading for Writers

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I’ve been writing – not reading much – for the last week, which is both awesome and awful (because I got the new Anne Rice Prince Lestat book AND Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ Heroes Are My Weakness). Unfortunately, this means no Dating Advice from Romance Novels. Instead, I decided to write about writing. When I first […]

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4 Things To Do Instead of Writing


It’s that time of year again, when all of your writer friends start asking about your daily word count and offering up encouraging motivational quotes. Basically, everyone is writing but you. Well, and me. If you’re as determined as I am to not write (like that’s a necessary part of being a writer–whatever), here are […]

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