by Lori Sizemore on 06.20.2014

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So, my 17-year-old, C., and I love Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis. Today, we’re watching an episode from season 5 where he is screening interns.

Me: Vanina. Vanina. Like who does that? Why would you name your kid that?
C: I think it’s pretty.
Me: I mean, come on. Do you want them to get beat up on the playground?
C: But it sounds pretty…
Me: Okay, you have to admit, it sounds too much like vagina.
C: *spits drink*
Me: It needs to be said, I’m sorry.

Also, my apologies to anyone named Vanina. It does sound lovely. But maybe write it down on paper and look at it before you name your kid that.



fb talk 2The following is from a posting on my FB page.

We all get the jokes (that aren’t actually funny) but, honestly, I’ve never much trusted people who don’t love reading. There’s something fundamentally missing.

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“Before & After: IKEA Doll Bed Does Double (& Triple!) Duty — REDDIT”

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The following is from a posting on my FB page. So much cuteness in this link, I can’t even breathe. The adorableness sucked all the air right out of the room. Article Source: http://ift.tt/1hkgxKP Add your voice on my FB page @ http://ift.tt/1p3Z1eb Print Friendly

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Road Trip in WV, Part 1

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This is where we go–Capitol Market. So named for it’s closeness to the state capitol building. And it’s a market. But, ohmygosh you guys. They have fresh veggies, fresh meat and fish (I buy so much. so much). They also sell local and awesome wine and chocolate. And other stuff I’m forgetting because that’s what I do. Check out the website I linked in the name.

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“Amazingly, Diners Didn’t Want To Eat At Toilet-Themed Restaurant”

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I think this may be the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. I have a no consumables rule for the bathroom. Not a coke with a lid, not a cup of coffee–nothing that will later touch my lips is entering the bathroom. Am I OCD about this or is everyone this way? Source: http://ift.tt/1izGqBw Follow […]

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Share Links Like a Boss

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  So, I love sending people articles I find (which is why I’m going to be adding more of those here) but I’m picky about how they look. I don’t share from feedly because it creates a big word regurgitation that no one will want to read. I like pocket, because it provides previews and […]

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I’ve Got a Mug Problem

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I’ve mentioned my love of coffee mugs, I think. (I’ve recently discovered spicy chai tea, years after everyone else). Internet, how could you not tell me? Anyway, I may have also mentioned I live in the middle of nowhere. While I do a lot to keep the internet shopping economy healthy, I still love when […]

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Are You a Princess?


Today, at Sam’s, a little girl (after conferring with her grandmother) walked up to my daughter here and asked, "Are you a Disney Princess?" My daughter smiled hugely and said, "Yes." The little girl beamed and shyly said, "Hi." I love this chick I call mine. via Flickr http://flic.kr/p/nn5jBC Print Friendly

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Why do toothaches always happen on the weekend? It’s like some cruel joke to ensure maximum suffering. Or maybe the searing pain in my mouth is making me cranky. via Flickr http://flic.kr/p/nmfyCB Print Friendly

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Channeling Madonna


My youngest daughter, rocking this look. (She rocks all the looks. And everyone likes her. Between the social misfittery of her sister and me, it’s one of those eye-roll moments. "Yes, yes. Everyone loves P. Can we move on?" I’m proud of who she is, but it’s reached cliche proportions.) But, yes. Rocking the look. […]

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