He Put It On Twitter, Though

by Lori, @lorisizemore on 04.30.2016

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house1So, I’m one of those people who have conversations with other people as I’m waking up. Sometimes they can be quite ridiculous and result in said people (aka my family) laughing at my expense. You might as well join them.

A few days ago, my husband was trying to wake me up.

Me: Stop being mad at me!

Husband: Baby, I’m not mad. I’m just trying to get you up.

Me: You put it on Twitter!

At this point, my husband and oldest daughter start laughing hysterically. I get defensive.

Me: It’s in the timeline!

My husband doesn’t even use twitter and I can’t imagine what he could possibly post that I would care about. Something like, “My wife doesn’t empty the wastebasket often enough,” or “Her pens are everywhere.” Which are both true things.


I Signed a Contract!

by Lori, @lorisizemore on 04.26.2016

in I'm kind of a big deal. not really.


Today I signed and returned my publishing contract with The Wild Rose Press. I’m super excited to work with such an amazing group.

I’ll update as I get more information but I can’t wait to share Justine and Sawyer’s story with the world. <3

(If you’ve already seen this on my Facebook, I’m sorry. I promise, this is the last time I’m going to say it. Out loud. I’m going to periodically say, “Oh my God, I actually got a publishing contract,” in my head over and over.)



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Five Minutes in My Head

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Recently, I was organizing my Evernote, well, notes because I wanted to clip some things to try that I hadn’t made up my mind about yet. When I got in there, I realized Instapaper saves articles I archive to my Evernote. Which is kinda creepy, because I have no memory of telling Instapaper to do […]

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Why I Hate Ugly Duckling Stories (in Theory)

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Pygmalion. My Fair Lady. Pretty Woman. You can call them transformation stories, but at their heart, it’s ugly duckling syndrome. And they just get under my skin. Here’s why:

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I suck at blogging, part two.


I know that last time I was here, I discussed my surgery and apologized for being MIA. Well, just as I was making my comeback, I became septic. Not to be too dramatic, but I was in the hospital for eight days and nearly died. For real, I’m not exaggerating for effect. However, I’m well […]

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I Sort of Suck


Please forgive me for being absent this month–I promise I had a really good reason. I had surgery on December 5th. I’d prefer not to go into detail about it, but let’s leave it at “major surgery” with a significant recovery time. I’m feeling much better and I experienced no major complications, so I should […]

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DAfRN: Hollywood Dirt

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I recently decided to jump on the bandwagon and read Hollywood Dirt. I couldn’t put it down until it was all gone. Plus, can you say, “Hot, hot, hot?” The heroine is just a normal girl from the South, so I thought dating advice would be totally helpful from this book (even if the hero […]

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