DAfRN: Master and Apprentice

It’s Dating Advice from Romance Novels day! It’s been a while since I did one of these so I really wanted to add one this month. However, the most recent book I read was not a romance, but a Star Wars novel. Yes, I am a proud, proud nerd. I have no small amount of hero worship for Princess Leia/General Organa (as portrayed by Carrie Fisher–who I also have no small amount of hero worship for).

This book, Master and Apprentice, brings us into a point of Star Wars history before any of the movies. Obi Wan and Qui Gon are not the best of partners. Each finds themselves and one another lacking. This story is how they connected, how they became a fantastic team, and also gives us lots of Star Wars lore backstory as well as introducing previously unknown characters.

In short, Claudia Gray did an amazing job. But enough praise–on to the dating advice!

Dating Advice from Master and Apprentice:

  1. When you’ve been in a partnership for a bit, and it doesn’t feel like you’re getting each other, taking on a potentially deadly mission to help you connect.
  2. Just when you believe that love can never be more than a temporary experience that, once gone, will only complicate your presence in one another’s lives (just like someone raised by protocol droids would, obvs), you’ll see you may not have as much choice about falling as you think you do.
  3. Don’t ever, ever assume a teenage girl is listening to you or in any way plans to be obedient. It doesn’t matter how pure your motives, how much you’re trying to help, how long you’ve devoted to her care–she will not behave as expected. That’s not so much dating advice as just… facts.
  4. There is no situation in which treating people as expendable is acceptable. And, apparently, no matter how advanced your tech, no society is beyond falling in these traps. Also not dating advice, but something every single one of us should remember. Every. Sentient Being. Matters.

And that’s all I’ve got–without spoilers–for this amazing book. If you enjoy Star Wars, I highly recommend that you read it, even if you’ve never dipped your toes into the reading part of that world before. This was my first time and I chose this book because of some lists I found online. For me, I wanted to read the books that are considered canon after all nine movies. You’ll find that list (and others for different Star Wars reading goals) in this article.

In the words of my hero:

“You know, no matter how much we fought, I’ve always hated watching you leave.”

General Organa

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