But, now? Now she wants to be an individual. And if a purple pixie cut is her way of doing that, then I will pay whatever it costs, including judging looks from other parents, to let her do that.

People will say I let her run wild. She has rules, and I promise you, she is NOT a rule-breaker. But, you know what? I’m kind of hoping she does run a little wild. I didn’t discover myself until my late twenties because I needed a chance to run a little wild. I’d prefer she not have to go through that.Read More →

I was raised that it’d be better to tie a rock around your neck and jump in a body of water than be rude to people. Don’t get me wrong, this has not helped me at all when, say, a salesperson is rude to me. I’ll keep right on being nice. Nonetheless, these are the rules I live by. I can’t help but be polite. Let me tell you, was I in for a shock when I traveled above the Mason-Dixon line. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure all of you up there are very kind people, but you are not sickeningly sweet, like iced tea. Something elseRead More →

I think this may be the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. I have a no consumables rule for the bathroom. Not a coke with a lid, not a cup of coffee–nothing that will later touch my lips is entering the bathroom. Am I OCD about this or is everyone this way? Source: http://ift.tt/1izGqBw Follow me on Facebook at http://ift.tt/1p3Z1ebRead More →

I can turn anything into a learning experience… C to P: You’re annoying. P: Mom! She called me a name. Me: No, she called you an adjective. It would’ve been more polite, and grammatically correct, if she had said, “You’re being annoying,” but– My Mom: Do you have to turn everything into a grammar lesson? Me: Yes. C and P: Yes. Background: C is my oldest daughter, P is my youngest. I’m one of those people. I don’t mean to be. I correct copy in news articles in my head. The typist at our office refuses to let me near reports, because I rip them apart, addingRead More →

This is a conversation between my husband and I, and the inspiration for this new series of posts. H: We should buy a boat. Me: We’re not buying a boat. H: You need to sell a book. Me: That’s true. But we won’t be able to buy a boat. H: We could get a sleeper. I don’t think you’d want any other kind, because they don’t have bathrooms. Me: You got that right. So, it’s like camping? H: On the water. [Said with the reverence one might use to say, “On the sun.”] Me: And they lock? Because what if someone tries to break in?Read More →