Too-Cute Book Plates

bookplatesMaterial Girl Monday…on Tuesday?  Hey, get over it.  It’s not like Santa forgot Christmas or something.  ANYWAY, going on the all writers are readers theory (I totally just made that a tag), which I have invoked several times, I believe, I found these adorable custom name stamps while looking for book plates on etsy.  Also, one of them has the sample name “Blythe,” which called to me since my mom harassed gently attempted to persuade me to name one of my daughters that.  Maybe I’ll use it in a book.  But she’ll probably be a totally evil villainess.  Or the catty town slut.  Oh, yeah.  I’m liking that one.

Edit: 4.30.2016 — The link for the book plates is no longer an active link. If you find this and really want to buy them, I’m sorry. You waited seven years–what did you expect?

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