At least, it has for me. So convenient. Such a dream come true–any book I want to read is at my fingertips and delivered in less than a minute. I’ve probably read more books in the last month than I have in the year before that. And that’s a really satisfying thing. Anyway, you should totally have one.


  1. Don’t forget to mention that you can get Kindle software without having to put out any expenditure towards it. you can download it for free on a PC or Mac, iPhone, app-enabled iPod/iPad/Android, all that jazz, which has opened up a whole other world to me in some capacity or another, just by browsing. Not that I’m saying it’s all diamonds in the rough, but quite a lot of it is free, so if for nothing else, it’s free stories ;)

    PS Glad to have you back; haven’t seen you in the Twitter feed for a good ol while ^_^

  2. Author

    It’s nice to be back and even better to have been missed!

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