I’m trying to come up with a post for today’s writing category, at the last minute, and I’m coming up blank here. I’ve had a birthday for a four-year-old, I bought a new car, and entered into a custody dispute. And that was just yesterday. So what do I have for you about writing? I’ll go with metaphors for $500, Alex. I’m going to stick a more tag here because, if I ever were to sell this unwritten piece, it would be a spoiler.  But considering how long it takes me to write a novel, and how long it would take to sell, and thenRead More →

More necklaces from Etsy that declare that you love love, and you’re proud to admit it.Read More →

I decided to take my idea and run with it.  It ended up being more than a sentence.  But definitely no more than blurbs.  I’m too close to it right now to see if there’s anything useful there, but I promised to share, so here it is.Read More →

Wear it on a necklace.  Give men an excuse a reason when their eyes do that obvious dart to your chest. From Etsy.  The awesomest site.  Ever.Read More →

I’ve been reading that your website (as an author) should be geared toward your reader.  I don’t have readers, I am unpublished.  When (if) I do, believe me, there will be a front page with a ginormous pic of my cover.  But, getting far ahead of myself, I have nothing to offer a reader.  I’m figuring it out as I go, but I can’t imagine a way to make this site for readers. I had two reasons for creating this site.  One was to document my journey in becoming a writer.  It’s my passion, writing, and I love talking (or writing) about it.  I realizeRead More →

I know, it’s the newest “thing.” Maybe not the newest, but doesn’t everyone have one? I’ll admit, before I got mine, I’d see those commercials, with the people clipping them on and dancing like somehow this teeny musicmaker would inspire anyone to become so free of inhibitions, they’d just dance through the streets (and dance well!). And yet, I thought, “How often would I really use it? I don’t exercise, if I can help it. So what’s the point? I use my ipod shuffle daily. And, honestly, the clip-on feature is probably my favorite part. It keeps it safe and out of the way, sure.Read More →

I really don’t know if I can or not. The jury is out, but sources say they are leaning toward can’t, at least today. But the title of this blog should read, “You’re a big whiny wussy.” Or so my husband told me. That’s why I love him. Sometimes, you need a kick in the pants, whether you want one or not. I read once, on a forum, and I can’t find it, I’d pay money if I could find it… this person posted a quote from a fellow writer friend. And I may be getting this wrong, but this is how (I believe) itRead More →

I’m editing. I have (once again) hit writer’s block and decided this would be the perfect time to edit… or totally rip apart… my first novel. Except, of course, I still don’t feel like writing. So I’m pushing my way through. And feeling like a petulant two-year-old: “But it’s hard!” It’s so scary, looking at something like this again, something I spent years working on, something I was never really sure I would finish. And, it’s finished. Except it needs a lot of work. I’ve learned so much, and I guess that’s good, but it makes it so much easier to see what I didRead More →