UPDATE: You Can’t Write

by on 03.15.2008

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I really don’t know if I can or not. The jury is out, but sources say they are leaning toward can’t, at least today. But the title of this blog should read, “You’re a big whiny wussy.”

Or so my husband told me. That’s why I love him. Sometimes, you need a kick in the pants, whether you want one or not. I read once, on a forum, and I can’t find it, I’d pay money if I could find it… this person posted a quote from a fellow writer friend. And I may be getting this wrong, but this is how (I believe) it went:

Fear makes us life’s whiny little bitches.

And truer words, I don’t think I’ve ever read.

So, I’m scared. I’m sick of this damn novel, and it’s my first, so it’s probably crap anyway. But, I’m going to finish editing it. And then I’m going to submit it. And then, I will move on. But I will not quit. Maybe I’m opting for delusional instead of fear, but at least I’m not life’s whiny little bitch. Today.

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