One Sentence for Fiction


  1. I really need to pay closer attention. The first thought that popped into my mind when I started reading that was, “Hey! What the hell is she trying to say about me?”

    Yeah…apparently (in my mind, at least) it IS all about me.

    Erm…you did this about your characters, not about yourself. Right. Moving along then…

  2. … so, it’s not a comedy, then? Neat idea, btw.

  3. Oh. no. It’s totally a (romantic) comedy. See, that’s what I do. I come up with all of these rather melodramatic characters and ideas. Then, as I’m writing it, the dialogue is funny, there’s self-mockery there, they start reacting in ways I hadn’t expected, and it turns funny. I don’t know why this is my process, but if you think that’s dramatic, you should’ve seen what I started with. :-|

    For example, this, a scene which has totally changed but this will probably make the new version. A conversation between boy in orange and girl in purple, who just met.

    He laughed again, tilting his head back with it. “You know what you remind me of?”
    “I can’t imagine.”
    “Sour balls.”
    She turned from the window, amazed at the turn the conversation had taken. “Sour balls?”
    “You know, candy. They’re sweet on the inside, all these bright colors that you can’t resist. But you pop one in your mouth, and it’s coated with this sour powder. Makes the sweet even better, once you get to it.”
    “No, that’s not me. You won’t ever get to the sweet with me.”

    Or is that even amusing? See this is why I hate writing, when I don’t love it. You’re so close it all just becomes this big blob of self-doubt.

  4. Just to relieve everyone’s minds, I know it relieved mine, I found the funny.

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