Don’t Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve: Part 2

More necklaces from Etsy that declare that you love love, and you’re proud to admit it.

This is part of a series the artist is doing on old Hollywood.  This one is called Lovers.  There are also Passion and Lust pendants.

This is my personal favorite.  It’s so pretty and then when you get a close look at it, it says (product does not actually speak aloud): “That’s right.  I read romance.  You know, those “trashy” books that are just for bored housewives?  Oops.  Did I just break the stereotype?”

Update 4/9/11: Etsy must have pulled old listings because the top picture links to nowhere now.  If anyone knows the artist, please let me know so I can link to his or her shop page.  The second picture now takes you to the artist’s (tellmeastory) shop page.

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