More necklaces from Etsy that declare that you love love, and you’re proud to admit it.Read More →

Wear it on a necklace.  Give men an excuse a reason when their eyes do that obvious dart to your chest. From Etsy.  The awesomest site.  Ever.Read More →

I found myself without a material girl post for today, so I decided to go to my Amazon wishlist. Too much time spent on Halloween costumes and planning for Christmas, I suppose, has left the spotlight, and the finances, decidedly off of me. But, my trusty wishlist didn’t let me down. Behold, the external hard drive. USB connection (means it’s easy to hook up), requires no external power source (powered by your computer, one less plug for you to have to find a spot for), Google software for searching the files (who doesn’t love Google?), good for Mac or PC. If you have ever lostRead More →

I don’t think I can actually describe how much I love these.  I wish I could.  Books.  Books.  That float.  On my wall.  Just waiting for me.  Pinch me. I’m so getting some of these.  Seriously, time me.Read More →

Since I’ve had to move from sitting anywhere I like on my beloved, yet broken, Mac, I’ve created a, well, creative space on my sun porch for writing.  I’m a little superstitious about the writing mojo.  If by little, it could refer to bordering on paranoia.  Anyway, I’ve tried to… not pretty up, but make it more me.  I’m not the crafty type, ordinarily, but I bought a cheap lamp, hot glued some fancy fringe and beads around it, and viola: I have a writing lamp.  I’ll try to take a picture and post it. Maybe. Anyway, since this is the material girl category, IRead More →

My aunt–the teacher (well, one of my aunts who is a teacher)–sent me this link.  It seems this site* is giving one state 50,000 new books.  All you have to do is vote, once daily, for the state of your choice.  Optionally, you can also let them know what book got you hooked on reading.  Hurry, though, voting ends September 15th! *Link is no longer active.Read More →

I don’t care who you are, there’s some perverse pride in writing in a notebook like this. It says, loud and proud, though without actually speaking, “Yeah. I’m probably writing dirty sex scenes. You gotta problem with that?” Or something like that. Maybe that’s just me, your mileage my vary.Read More →

A lot of writer’s use Tarot cards to jumpstart their imagination while brainstorming or even battle writer’s block. Hey, I’ll try anything. I found the most adorable, grrl inspired (with a little retro TV flair thrown in for fun). You can view a good bit of the deck here and purchase them here: Vanessa Tarot. They even come with a booklet to help you understand what each card means. *08.15.2011– I finally bought these cards.  Here’s an update on my initial use for writing.Read More →

Much as I am afraid you’ll see this, rush over to and buy them all, I have to share how adorable this wallet (and dozens of others) are. My only consolation is that I probably don’t have enough readers to overwhelm the warehouse there. At any rate, go look at this and all the other fantastic products–some one of a kind. And yes, Mom. This would make a fabulous birthday gift. Sorry, that wallet is, in fact, no longer available.  The link now takes you to a plethora of wallet and bag choices.Read More →

I know, it’s the newest “thing.” Maybe not the newest, but doesn’t everyone have one? I’ll admit, before I got mine, I’d see those commercials, with the people clipping them on and dancing like somehow this teeny musicmaker would inspire anyone to become so free of inhibitions, they’d just dance through the streets (and dance well!). And yet, I thought, “How often would I really use it? I don’t exercise, if I can help it. So what’s the point? I use my ipod shuffle daily. And, honestly, the clip-on feature is probably my favorite part. It keeps it safe and out of the way, sure.Read More →