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Ink Diva Diaries Turns 8!

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In honor of my blog turning eight, eight!, I am sharing my very first post this week. ink diva? yes, i am. I know, ink diva sounds a pit pretentious. But, I think we should all be divas, at least in our own minds. So monumentally great at whatever we’re passionate about, we reserve the right […]

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September 2015: Digging Right Now

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I am sure you’ve noticed my absence the last few weeks (big hole in your life, right?). I have come to a point recently where I have to prioritize. I can (and do) write every day. Unfortunately, I started writing blog posts before doing my WIP writing. Obviously, that’s defeating the purpose. I enjoy this […]

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August 2015: Digging Right Now

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You can find my all-time, truly favorite things in my About Me section (if you care). I thought instead I’d share some items I’m very much enjoying at this point in my life. My table-top coffee warmer. Sure, in this age I can go make another cup from the Keurig, but wastefulness really drives me […]

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Sue Ellen Ewing

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Me, on Different Ways to Relax


I wanted to share my post on the Heart-Shaped-Glasses blog. This month, I’m talking about how my mom is making me crazy. And also how we find our own relaxation zen. Relaxing: Different Flavors  

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In Which I Freak Out a Cashier

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C. and I were in Wal-Mart today and her ankle was hurting and I just always hurt after Wal-Mart. Usually, she loads the groceries in the back for me, but today, she said she needed help. I told her that was fine. She said, “We need to hurry,” and I replied, “We’ll throw these [groceries] in […]

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5 Things: You Didn’t Know About Me

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You may also not care, but if you read any further I’m going to assume that you do. Or you’re very bored. I have two dogs and a cat. And three daughters, two of which are grown up ladies, which freaks me out. And maybe a partridge in a pear tree somewhere. Sometimes, I feel […]

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Me, Elsewhere, on Writing


I know I’ve been pretty absent over the holidays. Sorry, but… you know, holidays eat souls. On the upside, I’m posting today over at the Heart Shaped glasses blog about the new technique I’m using to develop a plan for writing every day. Please give it a read, comment if you like, and I’ll be […]

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