August 2015: Digging Right Now

You can find my all-time, truly favorite things in my About Me section (if you care). I thought instead I’d share some items I’m very much enjoying at this point in my life.

My table-top coffee warmer.

Sure, in this age I can go make another cup from the Keurig, but wastefulness really drives me crazy. I drink coffee slowly and this keeps it hot and (relatively) fresh. And we all know how I love coffee. Or tea. Hot beverages in general? Whatever.

Pilot Pen

This Pilot pen reminds me of high school. Because of the dinosaurs, no one had invented this pen in retractable then (which is my preference for pens), but now I can write all day long with this gorgeous pen. I don’t even know if it’s the pen (which is superior) or the feeling of youth, that I have all day to write because what else is there, other than trig homework?

Camel Camel Camel

So, I might do a lot of shopping on Amazon. And remember how I said I hate to be wasteful? That’s extra true of money. Enter Camel Camel Camel.


Simply create an account and enter in any products you want to track. Doing so will essentially create a tracked wish list and you will receive alerts by email and/or text message (your choice) when any product drops below your specified price threshold.

I bought my Pilot pen when it dropped to $2 and even got Prime shipping. I just love the option of buying when things are at their history lowest price.


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