My Process: Plotting on Crack, Part 1

My Process-I’m not literally on crack, I feel compelled to share with you. It’s just that my writing process is so super-organized, its on crack. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

When I first started writing, I wanted someone to tell me how to go about the process of doing so. Turns out, those posts are fairly rare because process is as personal as fingerprints. Nonetheless, I’m going to begin sharing mine with you. I’m beginning here because there are so many freaking stages.

Let me list them:

  1. Idea, aka writer euphoria. Birds sing, angels weep because they’re so touched by this incredible idea that you have.
  2. Plotting, aka this could happen, then that, and also….oooh, yes. That.
  3. Plotting turning points, aka my story seemed more fully formed in step one. So, um, this goes here, and then… shit. Let me call my critique partner.
  4. Plotting scenes, aka you know what’s going to happen, and when, and now you need to let these people do their thing while also accomplishing plot goals, theme, emotional arcs, etc. etc.
  5. Pre-writing plotted scenes, aka let’s get this dialogue down while it’s fresh and hot. Sizzle!
  6. Typing pre-written scenes, aka get those nuances in there.

So, you see the on crack part. I actually plan to write more about each phase, if you care to read the insanity.

For now, what’s your process like?

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