The Saga of Susan and Michael

sueandmikeJMy youngest kid has an active imagination. And she’s more often than not got a quippy comeback for everything. Every. Thing.

So, allow me to introduce her lizard/dolphin family (The dolphins are the adoptive parents of Susan and Brenda). What’s amusing to me is that this isn’t a one time thing. They have been Susan, Michael, and Brenda and they have been fruitful and multiplied (except Brenda). The Saga of Susan and Michael: One terrible closet mishap later, they were separated. Share on X

Without further ado, overheard in my house…

Me: I found that lizard, the purple one, in the mess we call ‘your closet.’
P: Susan! That’s great, because these [lizards she bought today] are her babies. Now I just have to find Michael.
Me: I can’t believe you just threw Susan and Michael in the mess we call ‘your closet’ like that.
P: Well, they were planning to take a vacation.
Me: Apparently to Trashville, Indiana (I don’t know why Indiana, guys. Seriously, Indiana is lovely.)
P: Yeah. Hope we can find Michael. He’s got all these kids now, and he got lost on his way to the gift shop.

Later that day…

P: I found Michael. He brought back mugs and t-shirts that say ‘I heart Trashville, Indiana.”


As you can see from the pic, we found everyone, including Brenda, who ran off to Lost Vegas with the Incredible Lizarus. No lie, y’all.


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