Apparently, I’m the ‘World’s Greatest Mom’

I’m writing this on Sunday, so Happy Mother’s Day from the past!

My daughter, who is eight, insisted for days that her dad go buy the card you see here for me. There’s nothing here for scale, but the card itself is about two feet tall. It’s a massive card. And, when I saw the envelope, I thought, “Oh, wow. Where am I going to stick that so it doesn’t hurt her feelings?” I know, I’m terrible. But, a mom. A mom who has to figure out what gets keptĀ and where things go if they do. Still, her determination made it much more than a card. That I had to have this card meant something to her, so it meant something to me.

It wasn’t until I saw the inside that I teared up and decided (as I often do) that my kids are amazing. Here’s the inside:


My oldest daughter is sixteen, but she made a connection with me. People who are very close, who love one another, they have that ability. A phrase, a look can speak volumes. In this case, it’s from a song lyric. Pink’s Raise Your Glass:

So raise your glass if you are wrong
In all the right ways
All my underdogs, we will never, never be
Anything but loud and nitty gritty, dirty little freaks

Ignoring that the song is basically about partying, that’s us. Wrong in all the right ways.

My youngest daughter… wow. I’m a sentimental person. No one else in my family is. But, I think she’s like me. It is important to her that I know how she feels. And she can already write words that elicit a strong reaction. In my case, crying. A lot.

I’m pretty sure the card should’ve read that I have the world’s greatest kids. How was your Mother’s Day?


  1. Just, Wow.

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