Life is a Puzzle

No, seriously. Life is a giant jigsaw puzzle.

There’s no picture to guide me (because life doesn’t come all neat, in a box, with a promised finished product), but I’m pretty sure it looks like happy.

I took a pass last week on blogging. Life has become very wonderful, and chaotic, for me lately as I try to fit in all the new responsibilities I’ve taken on.

Things fall to the side, balls are dropped. I made a decision that I can beat myself up for that or I can decide life is like a puzzle.

When you get a puzzle (those of you that work puzzles or know someone who does), you don’t rush to put it together. A person who enjoys puzzles, much as I enjoy the new challenges in my life lately, will savor piecing it together. They’ll take their time. Study it. Find the right place for every piece. Then, eventually, they step back and look at a beautiful finished product and enjoy a sense of accomplishment.

I’m prioritizing those pieces right now, like pulling out the border pieces. Generally, it’s best to put in those pieces that guide you so that you can find where the other pieces go.

Instead of fretting that I’m not working the puzzle fast enough, I’m going to focus on celebrating how full my life is and making sure each piece fits perfectly.

We can get caught up making “to-do” or “to-dont” lists, but have you considered making a “Why Im Awesome” list?

via Catherine Chen, Ph.D.: Why Youre Awesome: A 3-Step Guide to Celebrating You.

“Finding balance in my life by comparing it to jigsaw puzzles. Which I hate. Yet, it works.” ~ Click to Tweet

Photo used with permission from stock.xchng. Photo by: sanja gjenero.

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