Romance Novels – No More Rapage, Yay!

by Lori, @lorisizemore on 02.12.2010

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On changes in the romance genre:

The relationships had also modernized: by the 1990s, it was rare to see a book which featured a man raping his future wife.

via Romance novel – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Yeah, thank goodness those crazy men finally came to their senses.  In the NINETIES.  What the?

I get that this still happens in books.  Not books I read, but, it happens.  I get that some people enjoy this… forced intimacy.  But, damn it, who the hell marries someone who respects and loves them so little they just commit a crime against them?  Who else do they fall in love with?  Their stalkers?  Do they boil a bunny for Valentine’s Day?  How sweet.

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