A Writer Must Be a Reader First

And, on that premise, the thing I am intensely lusting for is… this. I nearly choked on my coffee when I happened to see it in an email from Overstock this week.

Update 06.28.2011: I recently read this book (loved it).  I received it from paperbackswap.com because I had credits and it was on auto-order… anyway, I put off reading it for months.  Want to know why?  Because it’s in paper.  And I really love the convenience of my Kindle.  Of course, when you can’t put it down and end up reading it in a couple of days, convenience isn’t such a big deal.


  1. Saw it in a bookshop today. Thought of you. Bought something else instead.


  2. Author

    Well, hey, at least you thought of me! What’d you buy?

  3. An Evil Guest by Gene Wolfe. I should probably get a job before buying more books and diminishing the sister’s scottish wedding fund. Hey ho!

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