I bought this book when it first came out because I loved Stephen King and I’d always thought about writing in a wistful sort of way.    King packs in a lot of practical advice and truth about writing in this book.  For instance, if you don’t read, forget being a writer.  Which, yes, makes sense but even so.  I wonder how many people want to write a book, be a published author, who really don’t consider diving into a book one of the true pleasures in life?

I do disagree with his assessment that if you have to plan, outline–whatever, that you’re not doing it right.  (I’m paraphrasing here, so forgive me.)  Everyone’s creative process is different, and we should protect and nurture our own way of storytelling.

One of the best assets of King is his voice, his ability to put his readers at ease, to settle in with him and enjoy a good, scary tale.  He brings that voice to this book and so, while it’s full of extremely smart advice and information, you still feel like you’re just sitting down to learn with one of the masters at his craft.

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