A Glance at: Mirror, Mirror

I was reading Mirror Mirror by Gregory Maguire (of Wicked fame).  I don’t know what it is about these stories of his, but he manages to take a story that we know so well, it’s part of our psyche, turn it into something completely different, and yet… the same.  The stories suck you in, and it’s not Snow White you’re reading about, it’s Bianca de Nevada, and her father, and the dwarves–Heartless and Mute, Mute, Mute, to name a couple–and the Borgias (real dead people, Lucrezia being cast as the evil stepmother/witch, jealous of “Snow White’s” beauty).

Anyway, all I can say is: if Gregory Maguire wrote it, you should read it.  Right now.


  1. I liked Wicked, I was ok with Mirror, Mirror, and then I picked up Lost and had to struggle to even finish it. I may try some of his other fable fictions eventually, but Lost was not so much fun.

    I read some of Mirror, Mirror while sitting on the grass at my apartment complex back in Bozeman on a particularly nice, sunny day and burned the crap out of my legs. Now I always associate that book with horrendous sunburn.

    and now because of my story, you will too.

  2. Author

    I haven’t read Lost but I think I’ll try it. $1.74 used from Amazon. *sigh* Here I go again.

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