Towels with ‘tude

Every Thursday, I’ll be adding links to sites that I enjoy or find offensive (or both, who doesn’t love both!) or find just plain unbelievable. This isn’t the blogroll and this isn’t sites to see (which are purely writing related). These are just sites that caught my attention. If you have an idea for one, email me or post it in the comments.

The category name is a shout out to those Orbit gum commercials, which I find hilarious. If you’ve never seen it, keep your eyes open, and you will. And then you will laugh, inappropriately.

Since this is, in fact, Friday we’ll start with this one.

Sassy Kitchen Towels These dishtowels are for the disgruntled housewife in all of us. With phrases like: DRINK COFFEE Do stupid things faster with more energy or If you want breakfast in bed then sleep in the kitchen, all with a retro spin, who wouldn’t want these?

edit: Apparently, someone else thought those dishtowels were rather awesome, too, because the link just showed an empty page the last time I checked.

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