It’s called texts from last night.    And, there’s some seriously wrong texts there.  So, if you’re at work, or your kid is looking over your shoulder, or your grandma, or you think semen or queefs are gross, or you even need to look up the word, queef, don’t go there and be mad at me. How is this related to romance or writing in any way?  It’s not.  It just makes me laugh.  And it’s link licker Thursday!Read More →

She’s my new BFF.  Well, if by BFF one means a person who has no idea that *I* exist, but I’ve spent 19 pages so far reading her every thought and act and added in her comments section that I was totally devoted to following her anywhere, but not in a scary stalker way.  Seriously.  She’s awesome. The Bloggess The Bloggess on Twitter The Bloggess on Facebook (Not to be confused with Thel Boggess, who I’m sure is a very lovely person, but probably not as funny.) Read.  Laugh until you nearly pee yourself.  Repeat.Read More →

I found this hilarious widget at The Frisky, an edgy and awesome website about love, relationships, and sex.Read More →

A friend directed me to this site Tuesday. It’s dozens of desktops, very nice desktops, with a March calender to boot. (I got the underwater one, if you’re interested.) Smashing Magazine: Desktop March Wallpaper CalenderRead More →

This is a link to the critique group that I joined recently.  It’s already made a huge improvement in my writing because I see my weaknesses, and my strengths, much easier now.  Add to that, it’s a great group of people and it’s a lot of fun reading all the great stories from so many talented writers.  If you decide to join, say hi to me! Romance CrittersRead More →

Surprising things you can get for free. (Not soap, though.) Like your credit report (no seriously!) and a savings account and… well, just read the article. Very cool.Read More →

I love this site,*.  It’s just fun to look at.  And while I’m so NOT into the Martha Stewart It’s-A-Good-Thing style of living (who the frack has time for that?), I still enjoy the the ideas and printouts.  Like Mad Lib thank you notes.  What writer can’t appreciate a good Mad Lib?  Or a clothesline guest book.  It’s so unique, and so… not taking ourselves too seriously.  Anyway, look around.  Waste an hour. *Update 6.29.2011: Vintage Glam has become Ruffled, a site about weddings. **Update 7.5.2011: Apparently it was always about weddings and I just thought the talk of placecards and DIY centerpieces wasRead More →

Sometimes I just assume everyone knows about the sites I love.  Then I realize, perhaps not.  So, I’m linking to one of my favorite sites on the internet:  Deviant Art. You know how in high school, there’s this place where all the cool people hang out?  Well, Deviant Art is where all the incredibly talented cool people hang out, and you’re invited.  Go.  Go waste an hour.Read More →

A friend sent me this article/essay on the Varga girl. I thought I’d share it here. When I started this blog, I posted that we’re all divas, we all have awesomeness inside, too often untapped, waiting for us to just freaking recognize ourselves. Because all of us women have inside us a Varga girl just like this. All of us are the fox. You may be muzzled, or careless, or restrained. You may have once sprayed your scent unwisely. You may feel used up by pups. You may be coarse and ragged where others are silky and round. Doesn’t matter. You are still the fox.Read More →

No, I’m not referring to Dickens or even Bronte.  I’m talking Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, MacGyver(!), even The Love Boat.  This awesome site, that I’m sure CBS operates, has episodes from classic tv.  And not just one or two.  It has the entire three seasons of Star Trek.  Good stuff, friends.  Happy holidays!Read More →