I am Red

A friend sent me this article/essay on the Varga girl. I thought I’d share it here. When I started this blog, I posted that we’re all divas, we all have awesomeness inside, too often untapped, waiting for us to just freaking recognize ourselves.

Because all of us women have inside us a Varga girl just like this. All of us are the fox. You may be muzzled, or careless, or restrained. You may have once sprayed your scent unwisely. You may feel used up by pups. You may be coarse and ragged where others are silky and round.

Doesn’t matter.

You are still the fox. Not so much for trickery or deception but for shenaniganism—for a keenness to chase and be chased, to pounce and be pounced.

You are still the fox.

Just for fun… find your fox today.  Maybe just for a minute, maybe no one else will see her.  But, find her.

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