Would you be interested in guest blogging on my site? Here’s some crucial info:

  • I do three types of guest blogs. (All three types will allow you to include a blurb, short excerpt, buy links, author bio, and social media links.):
    • Original blog posts about writing, stories (including yours), or life.
    • Book spotlights, which usually consist of an excerpt, your blurb, and author bio as well as social media and buy links
    • Author interview; I’ll give you a series of questions. You can choose five to answer.
  • don’t need a copy of your book, if you’re promoting one. I don’t do reviews and only recommend books that I personally buy. That said, you are welcome to discuss your book here!
  • You can absolutely run a contest on your guest blog, interview, or spotlight and/or give away copies of your books. Just please be responsible for explaining how the contest works and notifying the winner.
  • I have to receive the guest post at least one week before the posting date. I like to plan blog posts in advance so I leave nothing to chance.
  • Please include a short bio to introduce yourself to the readers. Links to your site, twitter, facebook page, etc. as well as buy links are absolutely appropriate. Please keep these in paragraph form as you’ll have the opportunity at the end of the post to share a list of pertinent links.
  • The closer to how you want your blog post to look that you send me, the happier you’ll be with it. If you send me everything, tied up in an HTML bow, that’s what you’ll get. If you send me a post in an email, six graphics, and no buy links, then you’ll get what I have time to produce. I try to be as helpful as possible, but I will take poetic license if you don’t.
  • All guest posts will be mentioned on Twitter and my Facebook author page with a link back to the article. If you’d like those links to say something specific, please include that with your post. And, no, I’m not going to say you’re like the lovechild of Stephen King and Nora Roberts. Let’s keep it real.
  • What should you blog about? The overall theme here is writing, stories, and life. Most things fall under that umbrella, I think.
  • I reserve the right to refuse a blog post if I don’t feel comfortable posting it. (If it’s blatantly untrue or beyond a risque PG, I’ll have to pass.)

Still interested?

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    I host on Wednesdays only. If you have a release date, let me know below and I'll get as close as I possibly can, schedule permitting. Otherwise, I'll give you a few dates to choose from in my email to you.