Just so you know: “zombie love”.  700 impressions. I couldn’t make this stuff up.

“Dirty sex.”  I’m ranked 210th in all of google for dirty sex.  That takes you here:

Vintage Inspiration

I don’t care who you are, there’s some perverse pride in writing in a notebook like this. It says, loud and proud, though without actually speaking, “Yeah. I’m probably writing dirty sex scenes. You gotta problem with that?” Or something like that. Maybe that’s just me, your mileage my vary.

Yeah.  It doesn’t get any hotter or dirtier than that, baby.

Graveyard Sex.”  And I thought I was being so original.  Thanks for disillusioning me, Google.

“Two people, far away.”  This depressing thought just brings one to my front page.

“Imaginary people.” Takes you to my About Me page.  Because, apparently, I don’t exist.

“I Love Him Quotes” leads one, naturally enough, to… my writing blog?

“St Chara Developers,” which Google tells me is a company providing vacation rental properties in Cyprus leads one to my posts on “character development.”  Which is practically the same thing.

“Shuffle Dance Logo.” I can’t even figure out what that is. Or what a person would need it for.  But, unfortunately for them, they will simply find a post about how my iPod shuffle helps me write.

“Licker Zombie.”  Why?  Just, why?  The very wise Penrefe tells me in the comments what a “Licker Zombie” is.  And, it’s UGLY.

“Good Teen Handwriting.” Is that something one can find on the internet?  All they get here is my link licker posts.  Which, in fact, are pretty awesome.  And inappropriately amusing, more often than not.  Ironically, this post will be included in that tag. The inappropriately amusing one.

Between that and my inability to not remark on strange search terms and how Google finds every wrong opportunity to pimp my blog, it’s becoming a sad vortex of searching and clicking on things that have absolutely nothing to do with my blog.


Update 3/31/11: It just gets better…


  1. I think (or, rather, I hope) that the person/people coming to see “Licker Zombie” was actually looking for a Licker from the Resident Evil game franchise. http://www.411mania.com/siteimages/resident-evil-2-licker-standing-artwork-big_34607.jpg

    If it was “Zombie Licker”, on the other hand, I’d be very concerned!

    Search Roulette is a great source of entertainment, and you never know when I new fan might find you from a completely random source.
    Penrefe | The Day My Childhood DiedMy Profile

  2. Author

    Well, that thing is hideous. But somehow comforting that it fits into my ‘all things zombie’ theme that I, apparently, have happening.

  3. Gotta say, that’s a cool notebook cover! And I agree, it takes a person with a certain elan to carry it around in public.

  4. Author

    I’ve kind of got a love affair with notebooks happening.

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