Deeply Missed

I just needed to somehow commemorate that it’s been one year since my beautiful incredible friend, Lea, left this world to spread her awesomeness throughout the universe.

Lea battled cancer, a benign brain tumor, a rare genetic disease, much personal tragedy, and was a single mom for a long time until she met her love.  And she was an amazing, wise, generous, loving person.  I learned more from her about life and living it in the seven years that I knew her than most people will in a lifetime.

She taught me:

  • how to make homemade chicken noodle soup
  • that life is about passion and living and everything else is just stuff
  • to be the best me I can be, and to be proud of that person, to even love her
  • that no matter how insane you think you are, there is someone, out there somewhere, who actually totally gets you
  • how to truly curse well enough to make a pirate blush
  • to never, ever drink an alcoholic beverage if it’s blue
  • life isn’t a given–it’s a gift to be cherished and shared
  • some people really are just ignorant twats and there are occasions when it’s completely appropriate to tell them so
  • we all have our own paths to follow, our own lessons we need to learn, and we have to find our own way

Just a sampling, I promise.

I love you, Lea, and I will miss your friendship for as long as…ever.

In addition to being all around full of awesomesauce, Lea was also an artist. The image above was created by her.

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