11265726_1639929216225704_1032860535_nToday, I’m sharing with you a conversation between my husband and me, as we stood arm-in-arm and watched my stepdaughter dance with her new husband after the wedding. She’s a nurse as well as just an independent, kind person.

Him: I can’t believe we didn’t screw her up.

Me: I know, right? We did good.

Here’s hoping we’ll manage with the other two!


Fashion advice. Seriously?


Hint: It was not the lady in the unfortunate pants.

That’s all I’m saying. Breakfast. For. Dinner.breakfastfordinner

My husband and I took a road trip (i.e. doctor’s visit) and I took some horrible pictures to share with you. This post is actually in two parts. me

That’s me. I like to look adorable when I go to the doctor.

I’m totally lying. I’m hiding my lack of make-up, my hair is in braids like a school girl, and I threw a bandana on over that. However, cool points for me: the bandana  had skulls on it.


This is where we go–Capitol Market. So named for it’s closeness to the state capitol building. And it’s a market. But, ohmygosh you guys. They have fresh veggies, fresh meat and fish (I buy so much. so much). They also sell local and awesome wine and chocolate. And other stuff I’m forgetting because that’s what I do. Check out the website I linked in the name.

coffeebarYes. Yes, that is a coffee bar!!!11 I didn’t actually get any coffee. We were late so we had to run, but next time. Oh yes, coffee. Next time. You, me. steamy coffee goodness.


So, this is my lunch. It’s an Italian sandwich near the meat market. They have these slips of paper, and you can choose anything you want on your sandwich, the type of bread, the cheese, the condiments. Every. thing. This? Delish.

Have you ever made the best of an otherwise unpleasant day out?


FYI 1: There were no toilet seats anywhere near the food.

FYI 2: I did NOT buy a mug. See how responsible I’m becoming?

Today, at Sam’s, a little girl (after conferring with her grandmother) walked up to my daughter here and asked, "Are you a Disney Princess?"

My daughter smiled hugely and said, "Yes."

The little girl beamed and shyly said, "Hi."

I love this chick I call mine.

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Why do toothaches always happen on the weekend? It’s like some cruel joke to ensure maximum suffering. Or maybe the searing pain in my mouth is making me cranky.

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My youngest daughter, rocking this look. (She rocks all the looks. And everyone likes her. Between the social misfittery of her sister and me, it’s one of those eye-roll moments. "Yes, yes. Everyone loves P. Can we move on?" I’m proud of who she is, but it’s reached cliche proportions.)

But, yes. Rocking the look. Clearly because her father contributed DNA. Or something. She didn’t get it from me.

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