LOVE & LAUGHTER CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE GIVEAWAY It’s May, winter is over, and the sun is—hopefully—shining. Time for love and laughter to fill the world, and we’re celebrating with a romantic giveaway. Enter May 2-22 for your chance to win. You could be one of 7 lucky readers to take home a Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Fire 7, ebook prize pack, or Amazon gift card. (Sponsored by the 34 authors listed below) Allyson Lindt • Amanda Uhl • Chiquita Dennie • Christine d’Abo • Daphne James Huff • Diane Louise • Donna R. Mercer • Eva Winters • Holly Cortelyou • Jacqueline Diamond • Jacquie BiggarRead More →

Because I’m over at Heart-Shaped Glasses this week. Complaining. Again.Read More →

Fashion advice. Seriously?Read More →

I’m watching Political Animals right now (because I always choose the show that is or will be cancelled–although I guess that was a miniseries and not the same thing at all) and reading Anne Rice. And making my way back here. I’ve got some ideas about what I want to do here and and what I’ve gotten the most response from in the past. Now, if WordPress would just stop having 6 updates every time I log in, this would go a lot faster.Read More →

So, it’s anti-bullying month and today is Unity Day, according to the National Bullying Prevention Center. This is an issue I feel strongly about, so I’m blogging today to share my experiences. I don’t specifically remember being bullied in school. I know I had low self-esteem, and I was overweight, and if people were mean to me about that, I guess I sort of believed I deserved it. So, maybe I was and people didn’t talk about it. I remember once a friend of my cousin and a family member (of hers) visiting from out of town rode by me. I was, maybe, eight. WeRead More →

Happy turkey-Christmas-Solstice, whatever you celebrate during this time of year. I’ll be back in 2012. Except I have a surprise on the 19th. Naturally, I’ll be back to let you all in on that. Until then, merry holiday!Read More →

I <3 twitter so hard.  I spend significant amounts of time, every day, checking in with my “tweeps.”  (Yes, I know how dorky that sounds.) Sometimes it only takes 140 characters to recognize a person you share a passion with. All over the internet, I’ve looked for writing groups that didn’t end up taking up more of my time than actual writing.  Whatever you enjoy, find others with the same interest with a simple hash tag. Support can come from the most surprising places. Connecting with other people and sharing your life, in little pieces, is a moving experience when they respond and care. TwitterRead More →

So, I’m netflixing TV shows.  It’s research, honest.  I watch some good TV series, I get this mojo for good writing, it makes me want to write, etc. Anyway, I just watched the first disc of True Blood which I knew very little about, except that most people raved about how awesome it is.  And, it occurs to me while I’m watching, wasn’t Sookie Stackhouse a character in some novels?  How could they just take that name–it’s pretty unique.  And then I realize, it’s a show based on the novels.  So, now I’m torn.  Great books, great TV, or both?  Will one ruin the other? Read More →

But online organization doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many tools for organizing all our stuff, of course, but one of the simplest is the wiki. We’re all familiar with wikis, of course — Wikipedia being the most famous example, but many other useful wikis abound on the Internet. But one of the most productive forms of wikis is the personal wiki, which you can create at any number of sites. via 15 Productive Uses for a Wiki – WebWorkerDaily (link no longer available). I love this idea so much I wanted to share it.  I can see myself creating a Story “Bible”, aRead More →

A great snowstorm took out pretty much all venues of communication for me for the last week.  I’ll be back over the next few days with some posts (especially for the writers). xoxoRead More →