You, valued reader, may call me Ayaka. Before I lose your interest, let me tell you our topic: video games. Yeah, I went there. They are my passion and my future career.

I don’t really have a specific type, to be truthful. My game quest is simply to find a few good things: good storyline, great main objective, and an engrossing protagonist back story. Even… no, wait–especially an engrossing antagonist back story. (What? I like psychopaths… You don’t?) It makes up for any bad graphics or glitches.

I have many games to discuss, recommend, or tell you to avoid. I’m going start with one fairly known to gamers and even people who play games that are ran by trash talking ten-year-olds. *cough* Call of Duty *cough* (I’m joking! …mostly). Ahem… As I was saying, we will be discussing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim!

The So Many Reasons I Love Skyrim

1. It’s fantasy! I love escaping life into my own little fantasy. <3

2. I get to make my own adventure. I’m very violent which is not okay in society. This game let’s me become an assassin. I don’t like someone, I just kill him! Easy as that.

3. I am Dovahkiin! I like being the only hope for humanity. Makes me feel special in ways reality can’t.

4. My shouting kills people. You piss me off? I’m going to shout, which will throw you against the wall and slaughter you without me even touching you.

5. Politics can suck it. I. Am. The. Freaking. Dragonborn. If I tell you to give up your full-of-weapons city to your enemy I may or may not favor, you better do it, with a smile on your face. And, when I kill your Emperor, your guards better look the other way or I’ll let a dragon eat you.

It’s all about the choices

So I may be a bit power crazy… but all these choices, man! With all the possibilities, choices, beautiful graphics, well-made characters, and an amazing main storyline, this game is literally for everyone. Unless you’re like my mother and just can’t comprehend that you walk and turn your head with two different controls.

That’s it for me. * nonexistent boos* It’s all right, my lovelies. I shall return! If you guys want to send me (find my contact info below) links to free downloadable games, I’ll play and review them for you. Or, you can send me videos of you playing games, I’ll review them, and you! I’ll even share you on my Facebook page and website if I like them enough!


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Note from Lori: In the future, only games that focus on storytelling or characterization will be mentioned on this site. However, Ayaka has her very own Twitter, site, and Facebook pages (above) where she will mention whatever she likes–or doesn’t.

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Photo absolutely lifted from a Google image search. Since it’s used in a review, it’s probably fair use. Probably.


I guess every writer ever in the history of ever has been asked this question: where do you get your ideas from? And I’d say there are a dozen dozen (this sounds weird, I mean like 1212=8916100448256, okay?) answers for each individual writer. So I’m just going to talk about how I’ve been struck with inspiration.

The biggest place ideas come from are my dreams.

No, really.Nearly every story I have has started out as a dream, or two or three dreams pieced together. Click To Tweet And then they grow and change and turn into something completely different, but they start in my sleep. And they’re not dreams, like how you’re still in grade school, and you just realized that you don’t have your shirt on, but that’s not the embarrassing part. The embarrassing part is that you’re the only one who went topless. These are more like participating in a movie. I’m in the dream, but I’m someone else, with a different life, and I experience it and feel it and see it and smell it. It’s like my subconscious sends it up to me. Remember on Laverne and Shirley, how they had that tube device–after they moved to California–and they could send notes up to management? It’s like that. But my subconscious has never had to break in and try to get one back. That I’m aware of.

Life, baby.

Sometimes I hear or see slices of someone’s life, and it just sparks something. What if this and then what if that, and the next thing I know, there’s a whole other thing going on that bears little resemblance to the original. Starring very attractive people.


Dude, calm down. I’m not a plagiarizer. If that’s a word. Or someone who commits plagiarism. I’d rather eat worms. But sometimes a story just sparks an emotion within me or a character stays with me, long after the story is over. Once the imagination starts toying with it, a la cat and mouse, it becomes–hopefully–something awesome.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got. The reason writers never answer these questions is because we don’t really think about it. They’re just there, in our heads. Clamoring for attention, demanding to be written and acted upon and nurtured. Writing rocks. Hard.

I made reference recently to the acronym B.I.C.H.O.K. (Butt In Chair, Hands on Keyboard). As I mentioned, it’s not always my thing, although I do get that self-discipline is crucial.

From Ninth Moon*, a site that’s a virtual goody bag for writers, they have a B.I.C.H.O.K. charm, and that’s my offering today:

*Edit 4.14.16: This item is no longer available from Ninth Moon. This site now offers designs for promotional items for authors.