I’ve Got a Mug Problem


How many mugs do I need to be happy? All the mugs.I’ve mentioned my love of coffee mugs, I think. (I’ve recently discovered spicy chai tea, years after everyone else). Internet, how could you not tell me?

Anyway, I may have also mentioned I live in the middle of nowhere. While I do a lot to keep the internet shopping economy healthy, I still love when I get the chance to go to “the big city” and do some shopping. The last time I went to the doctor, my husband and I hit up the fabulous Farmer’s Market and then The Home Goods Store for a fresh coffee mug (like you do).


See? I honestly feel better when I drink out of these pretty cups.

How many mugs do I need to be happy? All the mugs. Share on X

So much better that I came home and saw these two mugs… Okay, I saw the flamingo one in a magazine. And it was on sale. And the other was so pretty I couldn’t choose. Also, ebates.

Then, I remembered (post-purchase, sadly) that I quit my job and even if I get 4% back, it’s still not as much as not spending money at all.


But… they are adorable, aren’t they?


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