The Essential, Within Arm’s Reach

Last night, I grabbed this small, decorative box I keep beside my chair in the living room to search for my lip balm. (Soft, non-chapped lips are a requirement to my being comfortable.) The box had grown rather full, so I just started pulling things out. The box is to hold the little minutiae that I may need at any given time, that I need regularly enough that I don’t want to search for it when I need it.

How many office supplies are enough? Ha. Infinite numbers.

These are the office supplies I pulled out. Four highlighters, two Sharpies, a pair of scissors, a pad of blue Post-Its, three pencils, and approximately seventeen pens. Let’s not forget, these are not all my office supplies. This isn’t from my desk, which holds more, or the kitchen, where I keep pens, Post-Its, Sharpies, and scissors for mailing, labeling, etc. This is from one container in one room of my house. When I say I have a thing for pens and paper, I am not exaggerating.


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