Part of the reason I’ve struggled with this blog is because this a blog for potential fans. Potentially, I’ll sell a book*. Potentially, people will come here to learn about me. And potentially, I’ll have shared enough of me to be interesting and compel them to buy potential books, without offending a single person into saying, “I will never read any of her potential books.”

So, that’s not working for me. I have a thing, in life, to be real. That may be ridiculously amusing or crushingly sad or even desperately terrifying–but it’s real. I’ve learned that being fake to please the people around me makes me miserable. So, I’m private, but I’m the real me.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned, I became worried about being really me on this blog. I’m not an easy person. I’m socially awkward, for one. I have an odd sense of humor that, hopefully, seems snarky and clever in my writing but can be a little off-putting in real life. And I have opinions. Strong ones.

I’m a Christian, and I hate the fundamental God-only-loves-people-like-me attitude that many Christians espouse. I am an Unfundamental Christian.

With that out of the way, I hate rape culture, the way society and the media makes women hate their bodies, and victim-blaming. I detest bullying and, while I suspect that everyone says so, not nearly enough people are teaching their children to be decent human beings. Finally, I fully support gay marriage. I write about happy endings and love overcoming obstacles and that’s not just lip-service. I can’t imagine what impact the gender of the couple has to do with anything.

Blogging to be real vs. #blogging to be likable. Share on X

This is me. Sometimes, I will write about these things. I won’t be militant, I won’t be mean. I won’t make fun of people or attack anyone. But, I am going to be me.

I leave you with this: a beautiful flash-mob proposal. *sigh* (Sometimes the video works, and sometimes it doesn’t, so here’s the link on Youtube.)

*Let’s all just pretend this blog hasn’t been going on for years with the sameĀ potential hope. It’ll happen when it’s supposed to happen.

Photo used with permission from Pixel Perfect Digital.

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    Thanks so much, Connie. I absolutely will.

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