Update to Piracy on the Internet Post

Thanks to the wonderful Penrefe‘s advice, I filled out a “DCMA NOTIFICATION: Copyright Infringement Report” after I finally, and I mean like six hours of finally, found the host of the offending site. (The original post on this topic can be found here.)

Within a few hours of my notification, the entire site had been suspended. Today, when I went back to the offending post, it’s gone.

Someone did something wrong. And I stood up for myself. And it worked out. #piracy Share on X

Is it sad, because that happens so rarely, I’m actually shocked?

But, also thrilled. And, because I love you, I will compare the stolen, disfigured text to my own.


We decided to chat on Google a week later and about five minutes in she said, “Can I just call you? I hate chatting.” Feeling slightly awkward about my West Virginia accent, I reluctantly agreed. (She doesn’t know I was reluctant. I’m shy. Shh, that’s a secret).


We motionless to discuss on Google a week after and about 5 mins in she said, “Can we only call you? we hatred chatting.” Feeling somewhat ungainly about my West Virginia accent, we reluctantly agreed. (She doesn’t know we was reluctant. I’m shy. Shh, that’s a secret).

I felt ungainly. And she didn’t know we was reluctant. We was. Subject-verb agreement, pirates. And pronoun usage. Work on it.


Now, she’s my writing partner. We write our own stories, but we help each other by brainstorming, critting, beta reading, and motivating. We talk at least weekly. We actually talk a lot. Like, we usually run down the battery on my home phone and my cell phone.


Now, she’s my essay partner. We write a possess stories, yet we assistance any other by brainstorming, critting, beta reading, and motivating. We speak during slightest weekly. We indeed speak a lot. Like, we customarily run down a battery on my home phone and my dungeon phone.

You know. My dungeon phone. Everyone has one of those.


The thing is, besides acquiring a loving, accepting, genuine friend, my writing has improved. A lot. Because when you have someone to throw around ideas with, who will say, “Your hero is acting like an asshole,” (her) or, “No, I’m sorry. Internal conflict doesn’t count as scene conflict. Something has to happen. Period,” (me), then you up your game. You have someone, in real time, to call you on your flaws, to draw out your talent.


The thing is, besides appropriation a loving, accepting, genuine friend, my essay has improved. A lot. Because when we have someone to chuck around ideas with, who will say, “Your favourite is behaving like an asshole,” (her) or, “No, I’m sorry. Internal dispute doesn’t count as stage conflict. Something has to happen. Period,” (me), afterwards we adult your game. You have someone, in genuine time, to call we on your flaws, to pull out your talent.

So much happening here. Where do I start? Instead of a acquiring a friend, I appropriation one. My hero has become my favourite. With a ‘u’. Which is fine, if you’re not a post-stealing pirate. But don’t add a ‘u’ and act like that makes it all okay!

Conflict becomes dispute and scene becomes stage. Apparently, we’re merely disagreeing about a play. Or an essay. But not a story, since conflict is pretty essential. So are scenes, in fact. Then, we adult our game. Because our game was either childish or it’s suddenly become naughty. And, best of all, your critique partner will pull out your talent. Like a splinter.

In closing, plagiarism sucks.



Photo used with permission from stock.xchng. Photo by: Vitezslav Valka.


  1. Good for you for standing up for yourself and getting it sorted! It’s a little sad that we feel shocked when someone does what’s right, but I’m glad it happened for you.

  2. Dungeon phone is BRILLIANT, though. That’s what I’m calling my mobile from now on.

  3. How did you ever find this site? Did you just happen to google search words from your own post? Wow. I”m amazed!

    Way to go, Lori.
    Bethanne | Dulldrums and ToiletsMy Profile

  4. Wow. I have no words (and that’s a shock too!)
    I’m proud of you that you stuck up for yourself and your words – you go girl! :)
    Debora Dennis | Days of (in)sanityMy Profile

  5. Author

    Thank you so much, ladies.

    Bethanne: My spam filter caught a pingback, where another blog links to one of my posts. I had linked to another post within that one, and since they’d copied it whole–links and all, that tripped it. I’d never seen a pingback go to spam, so I followed it.

    My pirate turned out to be not terribly bright.

  6. Thank you, Kim!

    Jen: You know, it sadly took me like… well, until today to realize why cell became dungeon. So, context is important, lol.

  7. Author

    I was digging into my stats and because he or she didn’t change the post AT ALL, the links within still pointed to my site.

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