Finding Truth in the Things We Say

An article on CNN has a woman describing the 10 things she learned from her mom. It caught my attention right away with this:

“What’s the worst case scenario?” is a good approach to any dilemma.

I’m that mom. I always catch myself saying, “Okay, worst case scenario, X happens. So what can you do?” I’ve always believed that not only do you prepare for the worst so you can handle anything, but also that the worst isn’t all that scary when it has a name.

Other Me-Truisms

You can’t control how you feel, but you can control how you handle those feelings.

Feelings aren’t right or wrong, good or bad–they just are. But when we act on those feelings, we make the choice between doing the right thing or the wrong thing.

It is what it is.

I remember reading a couple of years ago that this saying had won a spot in the top ten most annoying sayings. I can’t give it up, though. It still rings so true to me. Life’s unfair, bad things happen to good people. No wailing or whining is going to change a situation. That’s called being a grown up. Yes, it sucks. Now what?

What are you going to do about it?

Too often, people feel out-of-control, powerless to change things. But putting the focus back on yourself and the fact that, yes, you can take action, can change all of that. Maybe it won’t end the situation, but we always have the chance to change potential outcomes.

I believe in personal responsibility and ownership. At least, the sayings I find myself pulling out when things get tough, would point to those things.

What core ideas or beliefs do you find yourself coming back to?


  1. Great post. It’s especially relevant on rapture day, I think. ;-)

    I am very similar in my way of handling the slings and arrows that life throws us. It might be at least partly why I enjoy dystopian fantasy so much–planning for that worst case zombie-apocalypse scenario. But truly, it does make the scariest less scary if it’s been anticipated.

    Also, I find myself saying “it is what it is” all the time. The people polled for the “most annoying saying” must all have been teenagers.

  2. “My s**t’s my s**t” – ie the worst thing that has ever happened to me is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me – that applies to everyone – those things don’t compare to one another, nor should they, because the worst you’ve ever felt is just that – whether it’s because you broke a nail, your country is at war or someone ate your foot whilst you slept. Also, whatever it is – it is what it is ;-)

  3. Author

    I forgot “My sh*t is my sh*t.” Thats a great one! Also, I’ve never heard it explained so well.

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