Coming Home–or How to Get Back Into That Novel you Laid Aside

I’ve had some distracting circumstances recently that forced me to pretty much put aside writing for a while until I could own my time again.  My time still isn’t completely free and clear, but there is a little more of it.

The problem, though, is how do you pick up that piece you once had so much passion for?  What magic formula brings it alive again?

I have two works in progress; one is still very much alive, but the other I laid aside because it just..wasn’t…working.  That’s the one I want to discuss today.

My first approach is to try something new.  I mean really new, something–a pov, a timeline, a plotting versus pantsing technique–that you’ve never tried before.  This novel is very much connected to events in the past.  So much so, that’s where a good portion of the story should be.  So I’m breaking my own backstory rule and trying to weave it in.  I’m going to have two simultaneous timelines happening to explain what’s happening in one by using one.  Will it work?  Don’t know yet.  But, right now, this story is so much dead weight in the water.

Second, I’m going to bask in the process.  I’m a note taker, a big one.  I write everything down, even conversations with myself and my characters about the story.  I plan on steeping my mind in this information until that spark of passion ignites again.

Finally, and I’m pretty sure this is how any story truly gets written, I’m going to just do it already.  Hold my nose, close my eyes, and jump in.

I strongly believe, a story is written not through love of writing but commitment. Share on X

Push through the wall, head down, hands on the keyboard, and just write.

The goal is not a number of words or hours spent writing. All you need to do is to keep your heart and mind open to the work.


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