5 Things I Love About Twitter

I <3 twitter so hard.  I spend significant amounts of time, every day, checking in with my “tweeps.”  (Yes, I know how dorky that sounds.)

  1. Sometimes it only takes 140 characters to recognize a person you share a passion with. All over the internet, I’ve looked for writing groups that didn’t end up taking up more of my time than actual writing.  Whatever you enjoy, find others with the same interest with a simple hash tag.
  2. Support can come from the most surprising places. Connecting with other people and sharing your life, in little pieces, is a moving experience when they respond and care.
  3. Twitter is the great equalizer. Lots of celebrities and famous authors and childhood stars and obscure B movie actors–they all tweet.  You can speak @AlyssaMilano or @WilWheaton (but not @MileyCyrus!).  Sometimes, they even @ you back.
  4. No matter the time or day, someone out there is listening. I can tweet at 4 a.m. that I’m listening to Elvis for inspiration and someone else will chime in with what they’re listening to or wish me luck.
  5. It’s provides a sense of community to read about other people’s lives. How is the weather in St. Louis? Are you writing this morning? Your son was a smash in his play?  Once you start seeing little bits of info from people, everyday, you begin to connect.  And maybe that sounds like boring tidbits, but when you connect, it matters.

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