“Saucy Flirt Zinke”

I wrote a post ages ago about a quiz I took.  I entitled that post “‘You are a saucy flirt!’ –Lake Placid.” I even attributed it to the source, like a good writer.  Since then, every month, I get a hit or three based on a search for a “saucy flirt.”  Seriously.  Who are you, and why are you looking in a search engine for a saucy flirt?  Wait.  Don’t answer that.

I also always get visitors from people searching my name.  I’m probably not the Lori Sizemore they’re looking for, but it’s the other Lori’s fault she didn’t have the foresight to buy the domain first.  What is new, this past month, is a search for “lori zinke sizemore.”  What is a zinke?  And how is it related to me?  (Oooh, did you know google has a Wonder Wheel to show you related searches!  Nice one, Google.)

But this last search term is all new and made of win.  Someone came to my site with the search “are zombies really real.”  No. Lie.  Apparently, I am now a zombie expert.

Pic courtesy Getty Images

I had this whole post written and Firefox crashed.  The hell, Firefox?  This one is probably not as awesome as the first one.

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