Searches Gone Wrong

I am the zombie queen. Terrible ways people find me on the web.

More Zombies Than You Can Shake a Flamethrower At

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You guys remember how, through some odd google rankings and a few posts I did on zombie research, and zombie love, and how google kept asserting me as a zombie expert, I somehow became the zombie queen? Okay, you probably don’t, but that’s why I’m reminding you.

Anyway, in my role of zombie expert, I’ve got a couple of links for you. The first, from, comes an advice article about how to date a zombie.

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More Fun With Searching


Just so you know: “zombie love”.  700 impressions. I couldn’t make this stuff up. “Dirty sex.”  I’m ranked 210th in all of google for dirty sex.  That takes you here: Vintage Inspiration I don’t care who you are, there’s some perverse pride in writing in a notebook like this. It says, loud and proud, though […]

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When Did I Become the Zombie Queen?


This blog is about reading and writing and finding things inappropriately amusing.  (I suffer from inappropriate laughter–it’s a real thing, don’t laugh.  Or do.  If you suffer from it, too.  I won’t judge you.  I’ll probably laugh at you, though.) The Z-word, which I’m not even going to write anymore because it’s taking over my […]

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The Sort of Regular Search Term Report

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I love looking at what search terms led people to my site–mostly because it’s so messed up. For your consideration, I offer the following: “zombies will never happen,” “zombie love,” zombie love story,” and “scientific zombie study.”  I tell you, I have become the queen of zombies.  And I write contemporary romance–not paranormal.  There are […]

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It’s Zombie Love Story Time!


It’s that time of the month again where we laugh at the fact that no agents or writers or, dream of dreams, readers are visiting my site.  The only ones visiting are those crazy spambots and people making very strange search requests.  Here we go! nix nix Really?  What in the whole world do you […]

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“Saucy Flirt Zinke”


I wrote a post ages ago about a quiz I took.  I entitled that post “‘You are a saucy flirt!’ –Lake Placid.” I even attributed it to the source, like a good writer.  Since then, every month, I get a hit or three based on a search for a “saucy flirt.”  Seriously.  Who are you, […]

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