Do I Have Something You Want?

I recently moved my “office” to the other side of our sun porch, hoping to break out of a rut I’d slipped into and because my kids were covering the six foot table I was using as my desk with nintendo games and cd’s and iPods and Polly Pockets.

I decided to have a computer desk everyone could use and then my humongous table for me.  Bill paying, writing, and (as you’ll see) crocheting.  I needed more substance for my muse, it seemed, all the same.  The bluebirds nesting outside my window helped.  Made me smile at least, which must help.  Anyway, here’s my material girl office.

This is my grandmother’s bookcase.  She read voraciously.  I took her to the library monthly so she could trade 50 harlequins for 50 more (the librarian was very sweet to her).  You can see it’s not full.  That’s because it’s not easy to earn a spot in my grandmother’s bookcase.  The rest of my books (50 or so, at the moment) are in a box under the table and my to be read books are in a drawer in my bedroom.  Or in the kitchen.  Well, they’re in a lot of places.

I got my “Faith” board from Hobby Lobby last week.  I fell in love with it because I don’t think anyone can acomplish a single thing without faith in themselves and, occasionally, that the universe is rooting for you, just a little bit.

On the downside–ignore the blue paint.  Blech, I know.  Remember, I’m going to paint it orange.  Oh!  And the image isn’t nearly as high-res now, but I had to blur out my best friend’s phone number on the paper.  Serious breach of netiquette, that.

This is the “everyone can use it” desk I mentioned.  It’s too small for Polly Pockets, or cd’s, or…anything that isn’t mine.  Yes, I am evil.  Thanks.

The lights are new.  I just got it in my head that I needed fairy lights (and the extra illumination wasn’t a downside, either).  I really think I’m trying to create this magical place.  Or maybe I need a comfort space.  Not sure.  But, yeah.  Computer, nice flat panel (thank you, husband!), candles, notepad.  And a Zoloft clock from my social worker days.

There’s a something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue happening here,but I’m not sure how it ends.

Finally, a shot of that table, or a corner of it.  And my lamp!  Remember my creativity lamp I mentioned a few months ago?  Here it is.  As you can see, I’m mostly crocheting in preparation for Christmas.  Also, check out the 3 containers of pens and highlighters (black cup and two coffee cans).  Copier/Fax/Scanner/Printer thingy (thanks again, husband) and two boxes of tissues.  It seems my family has had a perpetual cold for the last two months.  Not pretty.  Also, yes, that is a sheet hanging over my window.  My husband calls them my redneck curtains.  Blinds are on the list next.  You can see how fairy lights topped blinds on the budget, right?

So, this is my space.  What’s yours like?

Update 10-22-09: Finally got those blinds.  Goodbye redneck curtains!  May update later with my new workspace.

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