One Sentence Stories

This site reminds me a lot of Post Secret, only without the awesome art. It doesn’t make it any less powerful to read, though. I admire these people, who share a slice of their life. If I had to boil my life down to one sentence, one illuminating moment that defined my existence, or had at least strongly shaped it, I just don’t believe I’d have the words.

At the same time, interesting as it is, and it is a little like realizing you can see into your neighbor’s window just when they’re doing something incredible/humiliating/sexy… wouldn’t this be great practice? Take all of your characters and write one sentence stories for them. Type them up, say, in different fonts and past them on a piece of paper, just to see what takes shape?

Maybe I’ll try. Maybe I’ll share.

One Sentence
–True Stories Told in One Sentence


  1. I just spent the last two days reading all of the archives.
    I owe my company so much money. But it was so worth it.

  2. Author

    Just tell them Lori says we all need a way to waste an hour. Or two days. ;-)

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