Exactly Like You – But More (Cupid’s Cafe #2)

If you’ve paid attention to the Cupid’s Cafe world, you’ll know that it’s a multi-author series. Besides my contribution, Landra Graf has written two moving books, Katherine McIntyre has written one powerful story, and Catherine Peace has written an upcoming installment that I’m super hyped to read.

And I have a sequel to Exactly Like You. It’s not contracted by our publisher (yet–I’m optimistic!), but I am so in love with these people, y’all. If you’ve read ELY, you may remember Aiden has a friend who is also a firefighter. His name is Kurt and he is a douchebag. He is not a nice guy, he says really insensitive things, but people responded to him. He was comic relief. Except, at the end of ELY, karma kind of has her way with him.

And so the new story picks up with Kurt. He’s gotten a settlement from the city because he can no longer work as a firefighter. He’s trying to use that money to open a bar, but he’s running low. His friends, guys he met while on the force, are trying to help, but… he’s in trouble. And then he gets the invitation to Cupid’s Cafe. An answer to his troubles, perhaps?

But who is our heroine? What kind of woman would Kurt fall in love with? I like to call her… slutty Wy. Her name is Wynona Ford. She and her sister are named after famous country music singers. Wy loves to drink and sleep around. She’s raised her sister from fifteen. through college, and all she wants is to cut ties and see the world, making glass art as she goes. But her sister isn’t quite set for life, and Wynona can’t leave now, especially not when a freeloader is taking advantage of her sister. And especially especially not when the dude is her sister’s fiancĂ©.

They aren’t your typical romance hero and heroine–but that’s what Cupid’s Cafe is all about. Love stories for people who have given up, who think they don’t deserve a happily ever after.

And that’s kind of my favorite story to tell. Jagged people, broken people becoming whole and learning to accept love and being loved in return.

I’ll keep you updated. Until then, check out all the Cupid’s Cafe stories you might’ve missed.

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