He Put It On Twitter, Though

house1So, I’m one of those people who have conversations with other people as I’m waking up. Sometimes they can be quite ridiculous and result in said people (aka my family) laughing at my expense. You might as well join them.

A few days ago, my husband was trying to wake me up.

Me: Stop being mad at me!

Husband: Baby, I’m not mad. I’m just trying to get you up.

Me: You put it on Twitter!

At this point, my husband and oldest daughter start laughing hysterically. I get defensive.

Me: It’s in the timeline!

My husband doesn’t even use twitter and I can’t imagine what he could possibly post that I would care about. Something like, “My wife doesn’t empty the wastebasket often enough,” or “Her pens areĀ everywhere.” Which are both true things.

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