In Which I Freak Out a Cashier

freakoutC. and I were in Wal-Mart today and her ankle was hurting and I just always hurt after Wal-Mart. Usually, she loads the groceries in the back for me, but today, she said she needed help. I told her that was fine.

She said, “We need to hurry,” and I replied, “We’ll throw these [groceries] in the back like we’re trying to get rid of a dead body.”

Fast forward, we’re checking out and C. is pulling the bags off the little turn-thing. I said, “Be careful, there might be breakable stuff in there.” I mean, Ragu isn’t free, amiright?

C. said, “Mom, how are we going to throw these bags in the back like a dead body if I have to worry about breaking things?”

She said this out loud.In front of people. As though we were well-practiced in the art of disposing of dead bodies.

The cashier’s eyes widened and she looked away from C. And then she just avoided eye contact with us the entire time.

Me and my kid: creeping people out every. single. time.

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