DAfRN: Heroes Are My Weakness

2014-09-26_01_56_290001I recently finished Heroes Are My Weakness, by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. SEP, as I and most of the internet like to call her, is my favorite author. I love her messy characters, twisted situations, connections between lovers, friends, and families, and the hilarious bow that ties it all together.

It goes without saying, I enjoyed this book and this couple. And, I think, there are a few dating advice gems to glean from this particular story.

This DAfRN contains spoilers.

Dating Advice from Heroes Are My Weakness

  1. Puppets can be wanton, naughty creatures when left to a hero’s devices.
  2. You can always trust a man who loves his cat. And crazy sister.
  3. Old ladies will eff you up every time if it means keeping their families close. But, at the end of the day, if that’s what it takes to make you realize you love the big galoot who you thought was psycho-evil, then thems the breaks.
  4. Always give your high school sweetheart a chance, even if his sister died mysteriously, his wife committed suicide, and you’re pretty sure he tried to kill you. For down that road lies true love.
  5. Little girls aren’t the best free secret keepers once they recover from their trauma-induced mutism. And yet, it’s still adorable, little tattler that she is.

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