Rules I Live By #2: There’s Always a Lesson

I can turn anything into a learning experience…

C to P: You’re annoying.
P: Mom! She called me a name.
Me: No, she called you an adjective. It would’ve been more polite, and grammatically correct, if she had said, “You’re being annoying,” but–
My Mom: Do you have to turn everything into a grammar lesson?
Me: Yes.
C and P: Yes.
Background: C is my oldest daughter, P is my youngest.

I’m one of those people.

rules1I don’t mean to be. I correct copy in news articles in my head. The typist at our office refuses to let me near reports, because I rip them apart, adding commas and correcting grammar. Bad grammar makes my eye twitch. Poor spelling makes me cry in the inside.

And the people who know me, know I’m this way. They make their, they’re, there jokes. I feel like I should be wearing a scarlet G for being a member of the grammar police, but I just can’t help myself.

The least I can do is make sure my children can speak properly, right? Put my gift/curse to good use… or annoy them so much they’ll never call and I’ll die old with twenty cats who never meow incorrectly.

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  1. Ha! I need you following me around in my life. LOL

  2. Author

    No, lol. Ask anyone–it gets really annoying.

    It even sounds obnoxious, but *I* think I’m holding back. But, apparently it slips out because I’m constantly being teased for it.

  3. Sounds like my husband…to anyone. Anywhere, anytime, anyplace. But mostly, he’s just leaning over and whispering in my ear. So I’m the only one actually getting the lesson. LOL :D
    Bethanne | ChangesMy Profile

  4. This is why you are the best CP ever. I don’t know many folks with impeccable grammar abilities. Most of us are helpless or just plain lazy when it comes to proper speaking.
    landra graf | Liebster AwardMy Profile

  5. LOL! Maybe some day they’ll appreciate your gift.

  6. Author

    Landra: We play off the other’s strengths. My writing has improved exponentially from the verbal whippings you give me. ;-)
    Bethanne: My husband gets the worst of it. You know those signs people put out at stores and churches? I’m always saying, “Did you see that? Did no one introduce them to the concept of noun-verb agreement?” He just gives me a look and says something like, “Um… maybe not.” Which is not the right answer.
    Sutton: I have daydreams where they rush in and say, “Mom! I just got my dream job. It was between me and someone more qualified, but they chose me because my grammar and spelling were exceptional! Thank you, Mom.”

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