How to Play a Drinking Game… with Kids

So, life has been pretty intense the last month or so. I’ve been somewhat absent. Let’s move on.

My daughter turned sixteen this month. She asked for a party. She has never asked for a party, much less an event party, such as sixteen would be. Sweet Sixteen.

And, because I can’t ever not overdo and micromanage and perfectionist the hell out of everything–it’s was a big deal.

She wanted a spa party theme sleepover for seven other girls. And so, you see that this would already be somewhat complicated. But, reference the above paragraph.

There were spa stations. Four of them (mani, pedi, facial, and makeup). They were self-serve, but each contained gifts for the girls to fill their swag-bag bento boxes with. (My daughter loves Asian culture. And orange. And black. I tried my best to incorporate all of this that I could.)

After was pizza, a door prize, and cupcakes.

Then, there was the drinking game. If you made it this far, I’m going to include my modified drinking game that I created for the movie Pitch Perfect. My eight-year-old played along. I think I was pretty successful at turning something crazy inappropriate into a good time. Share on X I think that might actually be my writing philosophy as well.

A-kid-friendly-drinking-game-for-sleepovers-featuring-the-movie-Pitch-Perfect.-And-lots-of-sugarAca-awesome Movie Game


  • Drink* every time someone acca-fies a word
  • Drink* every time Lilly (the crazy Asian chick) is creepy and you understood what she said
  • Chow down on a Sour Patch Kid every time Fat Amy says something awesome
  • Eat a chocolate kiss anytime there is a lesbian innuendo
  • Jell-o Shot at each projectile vomit.
  • Mmm. Have a Starburst every time the male announcer is sexist
  • Suck on a lemon wedge at every magic trick
  • Put your hands up anytime someone raises their fist in the air
  • Wolf down a Reese Cup anytime someone says the words “mashup” or “remix.”

*The drink in this case was a punch I made, using a recipe from which is basically 1/2 gallon fruit punch, 1/2 gallon pineapple juice, 1 2-liter ginger ale, and 1/2 gallon of orange sherbet. Yeah. There was a lot of sugar at this event. I think I may have made them sugar drunk.


  1. Author

    It was fun. I figured I’d either be the dorkiest mom or the coolest mom. I took the risk and I’m pretty sure they loved it.

    I know my daughter did!

  2. This sounds like the most awesome party ever. I saw some of the ‘Spa’ photos and the girls looked like they had an awesome time.

    Definitely some ideas I hadn’t thought of before and worth every ounce of perfection-ism and overdoing it. Thanks for sharing the madness method behind the Aca-Awesome movie game. I might just have to repeat that.

  3. Author

    You should! You’re little one will be 16 one day…

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